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about us

I swear by the pen and what they write...

With the support of years of experience in this field, Parnian Andish publishing company was finally founded in 2012 under the management of Dr. Sepehr Ansari and the executive management of Mrs. Ismat Golzar and now as one of the most reliable and active publishers in the world, in line with the cultural development of languages and civilizations, has the honor of serving.
Valuable experiences obtained from continuous activities, along with research about successful business which carried out all over the world, finally led to the implementation of a special management method in this company, which makes high quality, various production and appropriate price. This company acts as a model of a successful cultural organization. This progress, which was made possible by the grace of God, will ultimately lead to easier access and the spread of reading books among the societies.
The mission of Parnian Andish Publishing Company is to cultivate the thought and growth of human beings. International development programs are the main organizational vision of this company.