Undoubtedly, reading the book can change people's view of the surrounding realities. In general, the process of human changes in the world can be both towards improvement and decline. What has a decisive role in the promotion or decline of people is the use of appropriate tools to create change. Undoubtedly, studying and getting the right information is one of the practical tools in order to make positive changes in the life of every person. The Quran is considered as the most comprehensive divine book for humans, containing valuable points in order to change and improve the level of thought and life of all humans. But benefiting from this powerful tool undoubtedly requires resources to understand the verses and signs in it. In this context, religious scholars have compiled and collected commentary books.

Divine verses

The importance of paying attention to divine signs in the verses of the Qur'an

One of the important points that is addressed in the Quran in several verses is to pay attention to divine signs to understand the facts of creation. With full knowledge of the limitations of human understanding, God has guided humans to the divine path by using various examples of the signs of creation. In general, what plays a decisive role in people's lives in choosing their path is what they see and hear from the surrounding environment and society. For this purpose, in numerous verses, the Qur'an has tried to familiarize them with the essence of creation and the truth of divine guidance with its examples of the symbols of the environment around humans. So that it is emphasized in various verses that everything around and serving you is only a tool for guidance and signs to increase your faith. Therefore, benefiting from the verses of the Qur'an can guide every human being on the path of happiness.

Volume 9 of Tafsir al-Mizan

Using the book of Tafsir al-Mizan, volume 9 - Tafsir of verses 158 to 176 of Surah Al-Baqarah

Tafsir sources such as Tafsir al-Mizan books can be suitable tools for understanding the valuable points of the Qur'an. Due to the fact that the Qur'an deals with the importance of wise thinking and understanding in its verses, the use of reliable interpretive sources can pave the way for thinking about the verses and understanding them. Due to the fact that the books of Tafsir al-Mizan have a large volume and use old writing without explanation and editing, its study and transportation has been a challenge for many interested people. In this regard, the online store of Parnian Andish Publications website has started to publish and sell small books of Tafsir al-Mizan with full editing and description. Volume 9 of Tafsir al-Mizan contains valuable points from verses 158 to 176 of Surah Al-Baqarah.

Online purchase of books from the online store of Parnian Andish publishing website
In today's world, time is one of the determining factors for choosing the method of receiving services. All of us are always looking for ways or tools to reach our destination in the shortest time. Buying books online is also one of the suitable tools for preparing books on desired topics. As the most reliable online store of books and cultural products, the online store of Parnian Andish publishing website is related to the online sale of books with various topics. The books available on this website are available in the form of audio and multimedia books, along with printed and physical versions of the works, as well as electronic books.

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