Harmful effects of childhood trauma

If we consider children as raw and primary material, the presence of any carelessness in relation to children will cause the formation of inappropriate characteristics in their behavior and personality. Based on the studies, any kind of defect or vice versa, behavioral ability in people, is somehow rooted in how a person grows and educates during his childhood. Of course, this does not mean that a person is powerless to have any behavior and personality, but the existence of childhood injuries can create a more challenging path for a person to achieve success. Contrary to what is thought, human behavior and personality can be changed and modified at any age. But having a childhood that is free from mental and physical injuries increases the capacity of people to accept more capabilities. The worrisome thing about a trauma-filled childhood is that it lays the groundwork for the emergence of mental illnesses in adulthood.

Children's rights

What training do parents need?

If we consider the family as an organization or a collection of cooperating members, it will be a pity that people do not acquire the necessary skills to enter this important field, unlike other organizations. Many people mistakenly think that the existence of feelings between people and having a sense of love and friendship is enough to form a family. This issue has caused us to face parents who do not have basic information about raising children. In general, in any field where there is a lack of information, a person is forced to use trial and error to find the right solution. The existence of trial and error in raising children can cause irreparable damage in them, the result of which in some cases is very horrible and will cause the occurrence of mental illnesses.

The book of child abuse and neglect of children's rights

Using the child abuse book and neglecting children's rights

According to the previous content, child abuse is not only limited to punishing children. In fact, the presence of any inappropriate behavior that causes psychological damage can be included in the definition of child abuse. The book Child Abuse and Neglect of Children's Rights by Marvin L. Blumberg talks about how to treat children and their rights. This 86-page book published by Parnian Andish Publications, this book can provide people with sufficient information about the observance of children's rights. The translation of this book has been done with fluent and readable writing, and for this reason, it does not cause mental fatigue in people. This book is available as an electronic version and its printed version is also available for purchase by the readers and those who are interested in the book.

last word

Considering the importance of education for parents, continuous study and reading in related fields can be recognized as an effective educational solution. Unfortunately, the lack of enough time to devote to studying has caused many parents to miss out on the existence of these vital trainings. Buying e-books has been able to solve the challenge of lack of time to a significant extent due to easy access. Due to its special format, these types of books can be easily used on mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, all kinds of reading devices and laptops.

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