It can be claimed that children are the primary raw material that can create a very bright future for them by applying appropriate educational methods and forming a capable personality in them. Many parents mistakenly think that the most important factor for creating a healthy personality in a child is to keep them away from possible harm in their surroundings. The presence of such control-oriented behaviors not only has no effect in reducing harm to people, but also causes people with passive personality traits in the future. People with a passive personality will not have any power to create effective communication in the family and community. According to the said material, this important question may be raised, what is the right solution to prevent children from getting hurt?!

Informed and capable children

Using the right solution to prevent children from getting hurt

Regardless of family and cultural conditions, all children are at their highest level in terms of mental and physical capacities at the time of birth and are equal to each other. What causes people's capabilities to be deactivated is the use of incorrect educational methods. From a scientific point of view, the surrounding conditions of a person cause the creation of traits in him, which is known as epigenetics. The power of epigenetic traits is so strong that in some cases it causes the inactivation of the innate and genetic traits of people! Therefore, it can be concluded that the wrong choice of educational methods can cause greater harm to children.

Information about the existence of sexual injuries
Having healthy sex will have a significant effect on the quality of people's lives. Therefore, the presence of sexual injuries in children, both physically and psychologically, can affect the quality of people's lives in the future. As mentioned in the previous articles, keeping the child away from the society cannot be an effective way to protect him from sexual harm. The only appropriate solution is to increase the ability of children to protect themselves from such harm. Therefore, parents should provide correct education along with proper information about the child's private and sexual areas from childhood.

Child sexual abuse prevention book

Using the book to prevent sexual abuse of children

The book on preventing sexual abuse of children is an education-oriented book based on psychological knowledge. This 73-page book tries to provide parents with the correct solutions to prevent sexual injuries. Because the presence of informed and knowledgeable parents is the only suitable solution to prevent sexual injuries among children. This book is included in the category of electronic books, and it is also available in the form of a printed version by Parnian Andish publishing site. Undoubtedly, we all know the importance of studying and reading books, but in many cases, what causes us to stay away from it is the lack of easy access to the books we need. Buying electronic books along with reading the printed version of the works can solve the problem of poor access and lack of useful reading hours for the general public. Due to the fact that these types of books are available in various audio, electronic and printed formats in the online store of Parnian Andish Publishing, easily, in any condition, in various electronic and portable devices such as tablets, laptops, e-readers. , personal computers and mobile phones can be used.

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