One of the significant advantages of reading the book is recognizing the border between good and bad. In many cases, people think that distinguishing good from evil is obvious and does not require any thought about it. This is despite the fact that moving along the path of life and being in fateful situations sometimes causes the border between good and bad to be very narrow. Therefore, we may mistakenly engage in actions that end up being disastrous for us. In the book Shahnameh, Hakim Ferdowsi Tosi tried to express the importance of the ability to distinguish good from evil in the course of a person's life by telling an entertaining story.

Taking advantage of the sense of power

A look at Fereydoun's story in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

Fereydon was one of the bravest Iranian warriors who appeared in the era of Zahhak kingdom. His father was one of the victims of Zahhak. When Kaveh rebelled against Zahhak, he asked Fereydoun for help. Fereydon, who harbors the idea of revenge for his father and gaining power, goes to war with Zahhak and defeats him. After defeating Zahhak, Fereydon sits on the throne. Fereydon has three sons. He gives his sons the kingdom of different regions of his ruling territory. The kingdom of Iran goes to his third son Iraj. But his other two children, who wanted power, killed Iraj. This causes them to get angry and angry.

Ferdowsi's Shahnameh book - the story of Fereydoun

A look at Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, the story of Fereydoun

As it was mentioned in the previous articles, both Fereydoun and his two disgruntled children were interested in power. But what caused the happiness of Fereydoun and the misfortune of his two children was the exploitation of the sense of power in two different ways, good and bad. In any way, being in a fateful situation in life may cause us to use our capabilities incorrectly by making wrong decisions. Sometimes this issue can lead to misfortune for humans. In the book of Shahnameh, the great sage and master of Persian rhetoric, Abul Qasem Ferdowsi, tried to explain the wonderful effect of the ability to correctly distinguish between good and bad things on human destiny by telling the story of Fereydun and his children. Correct valuation in the way of exploiting the sense of power in a person can be a source of happiness or a cause of misfortune in his life. The said book has told this instructive story in the form of 106 pages.

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