The power law look at how to communicate

The power law view of communication with others is based on the purposeful principle of relationships. But for many, the question may be raised, why is it important to be purposeful in relationships? Or what should be the framework of using feelings in relationships?
The existence of the goal is rooted in the essence of the universe. You may have heard this many times that God created man and the universe with a special purpose. Therefore, aimless movement in the path of life is actually distancing from human nature. As you know, communication is the most important influencing factor in human life. As a result, the question arises whether it is wise to be aimless about this influencing factor? Undoubtedly, the answer to all of us is negative. But many of us do not have purposeful relationships in dealing with those around us. The reason for this is the predominance of emotions in the relationship between people and the people around them. This causes us to become reactive people instead of being responsive. Responsiveness means choosing the right way of behavior in the process of communicating with people around you, both friends and enemies. While being reactive is interpreted as having an uncontrollable and harmful behavior.

Having a healthy relationship

Suggestion of using the second power law book

The second law of power is written by the famous American author Robert Greene. Robert Greene, an American Jewish author, has worked in several jobs due to his family circumstances. Experiencing different conditions and having continuous communication with different people, along with many studies, has caused him to gain many experiences about life conditions and work and social relationships. The result of these experiences led to the compilation of 48 laws of power. In the book, the second law of power, one of the most important principles of gaining power in life is discussed, which is how to communicate with others. In this 70-page book, Mr. Green provides practical solutions on how to deal with those around you who are placed in the form of friends or enemies. The smooth translation of this book was done by two expert translators, Mr. Sepehr Ansari and Mrs. Ismat Golzar. This book has been published by Parnian Andish publishing house in the form of e-book and printed book.

The book of the second law of power

The need for training to acquire communication skills

All human beings have weaknesses in different fields due to reasons such as the way parents are raised and the cultural conditions of society. The existence of communication weaknesses can have a significant effect on the success of people. One of the most important ways to reduce such weaknesses is to increase information about how to create a healthy and effective relationship. Reading books as a continuous educational method can gradually increase people's knowledge of the environment and people around them.

last word
Considering the conflicts in today's world, it seems difficult to find a suitable opportunity to read a book. The appropriate solution is to use methods that allow a person to have easy access to books for reading at any time and in any place while moving from one point to another. Buying e-books can provide this opportunity to the audience. The e-book can easily be used on tablets, readers, personal computers, mobile phones and laptops. Also, those who are interested can buy the printed version of the work from the website of Parnian Andish Publications.

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