The importance of goals in life

The third principle of the law of power is about the existence of goals in life and how to use them to achieve success. In fact, the existence of goals in life is the most important factor through which certain frameworks and rules can be defined for life. The existence of certain frameworks in life causes the quality of human life to increase over time. Quality life means quality behavior and performance. As you know, human behavior and activities ultimately determine his success rate.

The importance of goals in life

The power law perspective on the existence of goals

In the view of the law of power, people are free to choose their goals. But the existence of goals for each person is unique to him. So the third law of power clearly emphasizes that you hide your goals. Disclosing your goals to the people around you, in addition to not being able to help people achieve success, it will also cause a decrease in energy for efforts by creating false happiness. Psychologists believe that when people talk about their goals with others, the existence of a false sense of success causes the motivation to try to decrease. On the other hand, receiving negative energies from others can also have the same effect on a person. Everyone's capabilities can be completely different from others. Therefore, talking about personal goals with others only causes a person to ignore his capabilities and try to follow the path of life based on the views of others.

A look at the features of the third law of power

The book The Third Law of Power is written by the famous American author Robert Greene. During his tumultuous life and working in many jobs, Green has been able to gain valuable experiences. The 48 Laws of Power books are the result of these valuable experiences. The third work of this collection of books talks about the existence of goals in human life and not revealing them to others. This 94-page book is a translation made by skilled translators Mr. Sepehr Ansari and Ms. Ismat Golzar.

This book is sold in the form of a printed version and an electronic book and is available to readers and enthusiasts.

The book of the third law of power

Effective solutions to obtain information

All human beings may face weaknesses in life due to social conditions and the way their parents raise them. The important thing is to use solutions that can gradually reduce existing weaknesses along with improving the level of human life. We should not forget that weaknesses are the most important cause of challenges in human life. One of the effective solutions is training and receiving useful information to gain power. Considering the troubles of today's world, it may be difficult or impossible in some cases to devote enough time to study. The right solution can be the use of tools that make it possible for a person to study and obtain information at any time and in any situation by creating easy access. Buying electronic books can be a good option for this purpose.

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