Books have long been the best source of human knowledge transfer from one generation to another. With a realistic look at the course of history, we will find clearly and clearly that the human spirit was alive and flowing in societies where the people of that region were interested in reading and writing books and were active in this field. Therefore, it can be claimed that there is a direct relationship and a strong link between culture and books and the fluid flow of knowledge and adherence to human foundations and principles in societies. One of the books that expresses these principles in a story-like manner and during the ups and downs of the images formed in the story space, is the book Haft Aurang Abdurrahman Jami - Volume 1.

Analysis of Jami's poem in Haft Orang book

Introducing Haft Orang Jami collection

Jami's Haft Orang book contains seven sections and includes Jami's poems. These seven parts of Abdul Rahman Jami's compositions include epic, historical, romantic and instructive stories. Interestingly, the fame of Haft Orang Jami's stories has been much higher than the name of the book! In fact, there are few Iranians who have not heard or read about stories such as Yusuf and Zulikha or Laili and Majnoon. Many scholars of culture and literature believe that Jami was influenced by Nizami in composing these works. By studying Haft Aurang's poems, we can clearly understand that Jami seeks to teach the principles and healthy human relationships during the telling of the beautiful epic and romantic stories he narrates. The principles that avoid animal instincts are based on the pure human spirit and ring a loud bell in the ears of the morally oriented human conscience.

The use of the book on the basics of anthropology in Haft Orang - Volume 1
Perhaps, from some aspects, talking about matters related to the field of anthropology and its principles and foundations seems a little difficult and complicated. For this reason, taking help from tools such as imagery and storytelling will be very helpful in expressing its human-made awareness and simplifying its complexities for interested researchers. By using these tools, it is possible to go through the mazes of studies hidden in anthropology research more simply and tell the audience in an understandable way. Dr. Mohammad Anwar Bejarzehi, in his valuable book on the study of the foundations of anthropology in Haft Aurang - Volume 1, has tried to express the human principles hidden in Jami's precious work by using these tools with exemplary precision and sensitivity. There is no doubt that understanding these human principles and foundations can pave the way for a person to reach a life full of happiness and prosperity. This 228-page book has been made available to those interested by the website of Parnian Andish Publications in the form of an electronic book along with an audio book along with the printed version of the work.

The book on the basics of anthropology in Haft Orang - Volume 1

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