Books that talk about human fundamentals are usually not attractive to the reader.  Because many of us have got used to our moods and moods.  The element of habit is one of the most effective factors in the life of all human beings;  So that in many cases, intentionally or unintentionally, it causes a person to get hurt in the path of life.  Therefore, it might not be bad to look for ways to acquire skills in distinguishing right from wrong habits.  Undoubtedly, acquiring any skill in life requires the use of efficient and relevant tools.  Studying can be one of these tools to get correct information.

Familiarity with the principles of anthropology

Basics of anthropology in Haft Orang Jami

Haft Orang is one of the collections of poems by Abdul Rahman Jami.  This collection contains the most beautiful allegorical and didactic works of Persian literature.  The topics in Haft Aurang include love parables, instructive stories and epic stories.  The point that attracts the reader's attention the most in this book is dealing with human principles.  In the ups and downs of romantic or epic stories, Jami has sought to discover and introduce the pure human nature.  He always emphasizes that the essence of all human beings is derived from the essence of creation, and no human being should distance himself from his essence, which is God.

Using the book Basics of Anthropology in Haft Orang Jami - Volume 2, in the path of acquiring the skill of self-knowledge

As mentioned in the previous articles, the existence of the habit factor in life has caused many people to not feel the need for a change in their life process despite being exposed to social and cultural harms.  In the meantime, by increasing people's information, studying can make it possible to distance themselves from wrong habits and correct them.  The book Basics of Anthropology in Haft Orang Jami has an allegorical view on the subject of humanity.  The author has tried to express the necessary skills to distinguish wrong behaviors from right ones by giving examples and in the form of stories taken from Haft Orang.  This book has been prepared and offered by the online store of Parnian Andish Publishing website in the form of an electronic book, as well as an audio and multimedia book, along with a printed and physical version of the work.  The author of this work is Dr. Mohammad Anwar Bejarzehi, who wrote this educational book with fluent and expressive prose.

Book review of the basics of anthropology

Online purchase of books from the online store of Parnian Andish publishing website

The book is one of the effective tools for teaching and learning correct behaviors and habits.  Undoubtedly, the use of correct behavior can cause significant success in people's lives.  But one of the limitations that causes us not to study is the lack of enough time to search and find suitable books.  In this regard, Parnian Andish Publishing's online store has started to prepare and supply books with various topics.  The existence of the ability to buy online has caused people to find and buy the books they need in the shortest possible time without wasting any time.

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