Children have a high ability to learn due to having a free and open mind. For this reason, many educational experts consider childhood as the best age to learn a second language. In general, the human brain has a high capacity to acquire different abilities. In many cases, the capacity of the brain is in a high potential state and stimuli are needed to make it maximally effective. Stimulants can vary from toys to educational tools. English language teaching is one of the effective tools that is very popular among parents and educational environments in Iran.

Use the correct training methods

The effect of English language in improving children's brain abilities

Although children's brains have high processing capabilities, until the communication between nerve cells in the brain is established effectively, the capabilities will not become real. The creation of extensive nerve connections between brain cells causes information to be exchanged at a much higher speed. Increasing the exchange of information means creating efficient and targeted communication with the surrounding environment. Teaching English in childhood is considered one of the effective tools that paves the way for communication between nerve cells. Language training is associated with the introduction of new words and phrases, which challenges the abilities of nerve cells and ultimately leads to an increase in the release of neurotransmitters. From a scientific point of view, increasing neurotransmitters means increasing the efficiency of brain cells.

Using correct methods to teach English to children
One of the important points that parents should pay attention to is the use of correct educational methods. Therefore, before seeking to place their children in different levels of language education, parents themselves should be familiar with the effective methods of teaching English. The presence of control-oriented behaviors that are based on annoying compulsions will not only make progress in teaching English among children, but will also cause a decrease in the child's interest in teaching and learning. It should not be forgotten that the child in the first stage, as a human being, has human needs and acquires the power of choice. Therefore, the existence of any coercion and violent behavior will only cause damage to the human dimension in them. The correct solution is a continuous search to find modern educational methods based on psychological science.

teaching English

last word

Regardless of their cultural and family differences, children share one principle and that is the need for joy and happiness in life. The use of any educational method should not reduce this feeling in children. Therefore, parents should learn the correct teaching methods in the beginning. Studying educational books can provide them with basic information. The existence of work conflicts in today's world provides less opportunities for parents and consequently their children to study. The online store of Parnianandish publishing website is considered the most reliable source for buying books and cultural products online in the Persian language. On the website of Parnianandish Publications, by purchasing electronic books in addition to using audio books, as well as reading the printed and physical versions of the works, you can easily, with quick access and at a reasonable cost, buy very valuable options.

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