The book publishing process has undergone significant changes compared to the past. One of the changes that has many cultural and social aspects is the tendency of publishers to publish fiction books. Fiction books have higher sales due to their higher appeal to the audience. This issue has increased the interest of publishers in them. In general, the field of publishing is affected by various factors. But the worrisome issue is that most of the influential and role-playing factors are not concerned about the cultural development of the society and in many cases, their goal is only to earn more money by any means possible. In the following, we will talk about these influencing factors in more detail.

Readers who need to study non-fiction topics have faced the challenge of lack or absence of authentic books.

Book publication and factors affecting it

Earn more money from book publishing

As mentioned in the previous articles, one of the factors that has caused publishers' tendency to publish non-fiction books to decrease is earning more money than publishing fiction books. Of course, this has caused the authors to start publishing non-fiction books. But if we want to be realistic, this has led to a decrease in the variety of works for readers. Readers who need to study non-fiction topics have faced the challenge of lack or absence of authentic books. What can be expected in the long run is the widespread cultural changes in the society. Therefore, the factor of earning money will significantly affect the personality and cultural characteristics of the book's audience.
Trending towards the electronic space and digital world for publishing books
In the last decade, electronic tools have made a significant impact on human life. In any case, the use of any tool, along with its advantages, can also have disadvantages and can be harmful. The field of publishing has also been affected by the electronic world. One of the positive aspects of this space is the ease of access to the subjects needed by the readers and the reduction of wasted time searching for the desired book. In today's world, people don't need to visit in person, and they can easily search and meet their need for books in the work or family environment. But the entry of electronic networks into the book publishing space has also had negative aspects. The truth is that in today's world, people must have a high skill in distinguishing authentic sources from non-authentic ones. Let's not forget that false content may have an attractive and deceptive appearance.

Let's not forget that false content may have an attractive and deceptive appearance.

Using a reliable publication source

Using reliable publishing sources to prepare the book

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