The stages of the creation of the "embryo" mentioned in the Qur'ando not conflict with science, because the Qur'an's interpretation of the sperm is that: "The sperm turns into an embryo." The placenta is a collection of cells that hangs on the wall of the uterus and is nourished by the blood of the uterus.

So the bones are formed first, then the muscles grow on them and cover them, and thus the truth of God's words is revealed when He said: "So We created the chewing gum and after that We grew meat on the bones." .

There is no contradiction between God's special knowledge about the state of the fetus and gender recognition in the present era, because God's knowledge means that only God knows at any moment, how many wombs - in the entire universe - have been fertilized or not. This is the same as the verse "And we will fall from the paper except for the scholars"; That is, only God knows how many leaves fall from all the trees in the world in each moment, and it is not just one or two leaves. It is the same in the verse in question; This means that only God knows how many fertile wombs remain and how many fall out of all the wombs in the whole world at any given moment.

In the first sermon of Nahj al-Balagheh, it is said about the wonder of the creation of the first human: "The great God gathered soil from different parts of the earth, from hard and soft, salty and sweet parts. Then he added water to it until it became a pure and ready flower, and by adding moisture, it became sticky, from which he created a worthy organ and parts separated and connected to each other; Then dry it until it is firm. Then he continued to dry it until it became hard and at a certain time and at a certain end, the human body was complete. Then, from the spirit he created, he breathed into it until he became a living human being who has the power of thought that makes him strive and found thoughts that capture other beings. He gave man organs and accessories to serve him and gave him tools to use them in life. He also gave him the power of discernment to know right and wrong and provided him with the senses of taste and smell and the means of distinguishing different colors and objects. God made man a mixture of different colors, similar and compatible things and opposing forces, and different temperaments of heat, cold, wetness and dryness.

For more information in this field, refer to the book ofhuman creation.

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