Immigration to European and American countries is one of the common issues that we are facing in recent years. In general, migration and living in different geographical and cultural conditions for different people can bring bitter and sweet experiences. Considering that migration is a kind of change, this type of change can have its own positive and negative risks. In this article, we intend to examine its benefits from a different perspective.

Benefits of immigrating to Europe

The effect of the environment on the quality of human life

Perhaps this question has occupied the mind of many people who are thinking about immigration; Can immigration to European and American countries actually improve the quality of human life?

In answer to this question, it should be said that, in general, the geographical region has a significant effect on the formation of people's personality. The reason for this issue is the effect of the environment on the creation of new genetic characteristics in people, which is known as epi-genetic traits. Therefore, living in environments that have a higher social level, without a doubt, over time, can improve the intellectual and cultural level of immigrants.

Take a look at the benefits of living in Europe
In any case, European countries have a high level of social, educational and recreational facilities. Perhaps the most important reason for this issue is the implementation of principles and rules based on quality management. This issue has caused these countries to receive many immigrants every year. In the following, we will mention some current principles in these countries.

educational perks
Many people, especially in Iran, migrate to European and American countries for the purpose of education and obtaining higher academic degrees. The most important reason for this issue is the existence of suitable educational facilities for master's degrees and specialized doctorates and special research facilities. Despite having valid research fields, Iranian universities allocate a very low budget for conducting research. Also, students do not receive any salary or subsistence allowance.

welfare amenities
If we want to be realistic, the welfare facilities of Iranian cities, with the exception of Tehran, do not meet the welfare needs of students. This issue increases people's interest in living in other countries.

The existence of mental peace
The existence of fixed laws and based on correct principles allows people to live with peace of mind and free from unexpected challenges in their living and working environments.

The nature of Spain

A look at life in Spain

Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula in the western part of the European continent. Spain is known as the 51st largest country in the world in terms of geographical area. This country has many islands, which makes its nature very unique. Despite the numerous autonomous parts in this country, fixed laws govern all the parts and states of Spain, which is the reason for the high integrity of this country. These characteristics have caused it to be the destination of many tourists and those interested in educational migration, work migration and investment migration applicants to Spain in terms of tourism, education and economy.

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