When it comes to book reading statistics in Iran, we all subconsciously know that reading statistics are very low. The interesting thing is that in most cases we all believe how much reading can be useful for us, but we do not make any effort to solve this problem. Perhaps the main reason for this is that we do not see the need to read books. The question is, where does this sense of lack of need come from?

Statistics per capita study

An overview of book reading statistics in Iran

You have probably heard this saying many times that the average reading per capita in Iran is about 16 minutes. When we compare this average with the world average, which is about 3 hours, we can clearly understand how low the importance of studying is in our country. In general, the amount of study in any country has a direct relationship with the quality of life in that country. The quality of life is proportional to the level of cultural and personality development of the people of a society.

Book reading statistics in Iran

Factors affecting the decline of book reading in Iran

The decline of study culture in Iran cannot be seen only from the perspective of statistics. This issue can affect different aspects of a society. Finding the root cause of this problem is of particular importance. In the following, we will mention some root causes.

Lack of sense of need for cultural growth

Society has different dimensions such as cultural, artistic, religious and religious aspects. The important thing is that these dimensions are not static at all and are alive and dynamic. If they are not taken care of, it will gradually decline. Perhaps one of the factors that causes the study statistics in Iran to be low is the lack of people's sense of need to improve the level of society's culture.

Using the wrong solutions to solve problems

We all may face many challenges and problems in life. The way we behave when we face problems is very important and decisive. Some people in this situation, instead of looking for the right solution to solve life's problems, either run away from problems or choose wrong solutions. Unfortunately, in our country, due to the lack of study culture, this type of behavioris abundantly seen, which results in an increase in the number of divorces and addictions.

The impact of books on society's culture

Reducing the purchasing power of books

Of course, the cause cannot always be traced to the individual weaknesses of the society. What can be seen in reality is that due to the recent economicproblems of the society, the purchasing power of different classes has decreased a lot. This issue has also had a significant impact on the amount of study.


The statistics of reading books in Iranis very low compared to world standards. The root cause of this problem can be different. Perhaps the most important reason can be considered the absence of a sense of need for the cultural development of the society. If the culture of a society is declining, the result is abnormal behavior in the society.

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