The use of e-books has recently received attention. In general, the advancement of technology has created significant effects in human life. It can be said that the most important goal of technology is the ease of people's access to facilities. As a similar case, perhaps this is the reason why the use of fast food is very important in today's world. Many of us always tend to use easy and accessible facilities due to lack of time and various conflicts. The use of electronic books is also available and easy, which can have its own advantages and disadvantages. We will review it in this article.

Electronic books

What is an e-book?

An electronic book is a book that has a software format and can be easily used on electronic devices such as computers, laptops and tablets. Their common format is EPUB and it can be easily used in Windows operating systems. Of course, PDF format can also be used for them. It is important to note that even though they are electronic, it is not possible to change them. Therefore, electronic books should not have Word or PowerPoint formats; Because the characteristic of a book, whether electronic or non-electronic, is that they should not be changed without the permission of the author.

Advantages of using e-books
Due to the cultural and social conditions, most people, especially in big cities, do not have much opportunity to study. This issue has caused people to look for solutions that can benefit from studying even a little in a short time. In the following, we will mention the advantages of using this type of books.

1- The first advantage that may be of great interest is their easy portability. You can easily have a lot of books on different topics on your mobile and you can read whenever you want.

2- The second advantage is their easy access. By connecting to the Internet, you can easily download and study any topic.

3- The last advantage, which may be more important for people who live in small houses in big cities. It is that having this type of books does not require any library. You can have a small or large library in your phone or laptop memory.

Disadvantages of using e-books

Disadvantages of using e-books

If we want to talk about the disadvantages of these books, it might not be bad to ask ourselves at the beginning what we are looking for in reading?

Considering the conflicts in today's world and the stress and anxiety caused by it, one of the most effective solutions is to stay away from technology and get peace from tools such as books. Maybe it is better to look for quick and accessible solutions in the field of studying less. If we are going to read a story or a novel, it is better to tell the story to ourselves by being in a relaxing atmosphere and holding a book in our hands, like a storyteller. Let's remember that the use of new technology tools does not answer all our needs. Anyway, reading both printed and electronic works causes the growth and improvement of human personality.

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