Why should I read the book «A History of American Architecture - Volume 1»?

The first volume of the American architectural history book introduces the early civilizations and the subject of the architecture of those nations. The said work has been published in 5 volumes in electronic format, as well as printed and physical versions, along with an audio and multimedia book, which in the current volume of this collection covers the time period between 12 thousand years BC to 1500 years AD. Christ, is checked. In fact, the author of this book, Dr. Mark Gelernter, tries to describe the history of architecture in the vast American continent in this volume of the book. In general, this work explains the role of the culture and civilization of the people and the historical events of the indigenous peoples of America and the evolution of the architecture of this continent. Also, the influence of other non-American civilizations and foreign events in the field of architecture and culture will be examined. In the continuation of this article, we will get to know the summary of the concepts of this book and its chapters from the website of Parnian Andish Publications.

explains the role of the culture and civilization of the people and the historical events

The first volume of the history of American architecture

Chapters of the book

In the first part of the American architectural history book, early civilizations are introduced. In the continuation of this section, the author analyzes the architecture and culture of the ancient era under the title of prehistory. In the next part of this work, ancient civilizations and the growth process of cities and rulers are examined. The developments of the ancient world and the new world are also other valuable contents of this book, which the author interprets in a separate section. In the next section, the topic of cultural diversity in Europe, the Greek revolution and Roman developments and its effect on American architecture is discussed. The characteristics of the Middle Ages and its events are also expressed in the discussion of architecture and its impact on American architecture. In the following, the civilizations of the new world and the southwestern, forested, vast plains and the edge of the Pacific Ocean will be analyzed in detail and separately.

the civilizations of the new world and the southwestern

Ancient architecture of America

A valuable book about the history of the architecture of the American continent

The book History of American Architecture generally deals with the fundamental study of the art and technique of architecture. Therefore, it provides a detailed description of different historical periods inside and outside America. Therefore, this work can be used as a reliable and complete reference for those interested in the field of architecture. This volume of the book can be a comprehensive source related to American architecture during the period of 12 thousand years BC to 1500 AD, for various studies and fruitful research. This work is honored and chosen for the biennial book of Iran's architecture and urban planning.

This book tries to provide complete information about the main roots of American urban buildings in parallel with the investigation of the reasons for their special use. Also, explain in detail the effects of architecture from other parts of the world on America (especially Europe) and America on other parts of the world. In fact, this book presents its main content, architecture, to the readers through the lens of history. This two-sided perspective is one of the valuable features of the mentioned book.

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