Why should I read the book «A History of American Architecture - Volume 2»?

The American Architecture History book - the second volume is one of the books that is currently widely accepted in the world. As you know, American architecture has long been the focus of many architects around the world. But where is the source of this beauty and creativity in architecture? What is the past behind this architectural culture?

The book History of American Architecture - the second volume by Dr. Mark Gelernter was written with the aim of getting to know how American architecture was born. In this volume of the book, the development of architecture in Europe and America is discussed. In fact, by reading the book, the influence of these two continents on each other in architectural techniques will be well evident. In this volume of the history of American architecture book, it is examined in detail at what stage the American architecture was influenced by the European architectural style. This part of the book is called immigrant cultures. This work is honored and chosen for the biennial book of Iran's architecture and urban planning.
In the book History of American Architecture - Volume II, the issue of colonial culture is also discussed. As you know, America was dominated and colonized by Great Britain for many years. The revolution of the Americans against the British became the foundation of a new style in American architecture. This period, which started almost from the Renaissance era, was the end of European domination over the world. For this reason, tremendous changes took place in the field of American architecture, which has been discussed in detail in this volume of the book. In fact, in this book, you will learn about the evolution of American architecture during the colonial period and after.

Familiarity with the book History of American Architecture - Volume II

Studying the history of American architecture book - volume two is suitable for whom?

The book History of American Architecture - Volume II, has been widely accepted around the world. This reception was so great that it provided the basis for the translation and authoring of this book in other countries of the world. These days, this valuable work has been well received in Iran. Many architects, historians and people interested in the fields of history, engineering and art are interested in buying this book. For this reason, the online book store of ParnianAndish Publications has undertaken the task of editing and publishing the translated version of this book. By purchasing the printed and physical version or the electronic version of this work, you can increase your knowledge about the history of European and American architecture.

printed or the electronic version of the book History of American Architecture - 2

Safe ways to buy the book History of American Architecture - Volume 2

How to buy the book History of American Architecture - Volume II? Most likely, this question has been formed in the minds of many people interested in architecture and historical studies. For safe purchase of physical and printed version, electronic version or audio and multimedia book of this book, you can refer to ParnianAndish publishing website. This collection has all the legal licenses to print and publish the book and undoubtedly provides the original version of the book with the best translation to you dear readers. We hope the information provided was useful to you.

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