Maybe the relationship between expression technique and book reading is not clear at first glance. Because studying is a reading technique and expression is a speaking technique. In general, the technique of expression means delivering the message in a way that has the highest efficiency. In today's world, we receive or send the required messages from others in different ways. One of the common ways of conveying a message is using speech techniques. At first glance, this technique may only involve talking. But it can be said that speaking is only a part of art of expression. Considering this issue, in this article we will talk about the factors affecting the art of expression and the effect of the book on its enhancement.

Solutions to have a suitable expression technique

The importance of the influence of words in the art of expression

Do not forget that books also affect us through the influence of words. It can be said that the influence of words is one of the most important parts of art of expression. You can claim to be influential on the people around you when you have the influence of words in the first step. It means that you can apply your rules and ask others to implement them without using punitive measures such as coercion or fines. Do not think that this issue is only for the workplace or social relations. As a spouse or parent, you can use this technique to influence your family.

The effect of reading books on speaking

The first step in having the influence of words is to convey the message to others. All of us, according to cultural or social conditions, may have different types of words when we speak. It is important to note that instead of focusing on these differences, we should focus on the correct pronunciation of words. The book as a sea of diverse words and sentences can have a significant effect in strengthening this technique. Therefore, prepare books with various topics and try to pronounce the words correctly. Do not forget that with practice and repetition, you can fix any type of defect.

Being calm during the speech

The effect of reading books on increasing oral literacy

Reading books in different fields can provide useful knowledge to people. Don't forget that others will trust you when they are sure of the truth of what you are saying. A successful speaker should express the content in such a way that the listeners enjoy listening to it in addition to following the topic. Therefore, try to have the most accurate information on the topic in question.

The effect of books on keeping calm while speaking

The existence of anxiety, stress, worry and mental and psychological pressure, in addition to causing the quality of the said content to decrease, can also have negative effects on the people around you. One of the ways to keep calm and reduce stress is to study. Studying makes you more confident in expressing the subject. For this reason, the level of concern during the presentation of the material is reduced.

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