In most cases, the basics of anthropology in books are about moral standards and criteria. The most important reason for this is the deep effect of ethics on following the right path in life. Everyone has different needs according to their social and cultural situation.  But all these needs have two important things in common;  Physical needs and psychological needs! Physical needs that specifically include food, clothing, and housing.  In many cases, there are many commonalities between the physical needs of humans and other creatures. But psychological needs in humans are completely different from other creatures.  The response to these needs can be derived from animal instincts or based on human principles.  It is the choice between each of these two cases that will determine the fate of man.

Valuable books based on moral and human principles

Understanding the basics of anthropology;  The only path to human happiness

As mentioned in the previous articles, the way to respond to the spiritual needs of a person will have a decisive role in his destiny.  The point that should be taken into account is that human principles and foundations in all societies with any kind of cultural and intellectual level follow fixed and specific rules.  Therefore, books that are written based on human moral principles will be applicable and universal in all societies and in all times and places. But the question may be raised for many, why understanding these moral principles for humans  It is essential?

The answer to this question lies in the necessity of meeting human needs.  In general, all human beings have many physical and psychological needs, and failure to properly respond to each need can cause deficiencies.  In the same way that failure to properly respond to nutritional needs in a person will cause a lack of strength and energy in him, failure to properly respond to mental needs will also cause mental and psychological deficiencies and further, mental and intellectual diseases in him.  Therefore, awareness of human and moral foundations and principles makes people, in addition to achieving success in the path of life, safe from being caught in the trap of mental and psychological complications.

Study the guide to the path of happiness 

Books written based on human principles

Valuable books have been written throughout the ups and downs history of Iran by the efforts of scholars, wisdom and thought.  The main feature of these books is their adherence to moral principles.  Among the famous books in this field, we can mention Haft Aurang Jami and Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.  These books are narrated in the form of epic and romantic poems, and the basis of characterization and the type of heroism in it is such that it familiarizes the reader with moral principles in the ups and downs of the story;  It reminds him that adhering to these principles will be the only way to succeed in this life and the Hereafter.

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