The relationship between book study and the moral foundations of anthropology is one of the oldest relationships that has always been the focus of scientists and intellectuals, culture and literature. The reason for this deep relationship lies in the essence of the book and the hidden thought behind its writing. Writing and transferring knowledge with words is a skill that originates from the writer's soul and essence. Therefore, if you take a quick look at the lives of the great writers of history, you can see the pure human spirit in their lives and pen. Of course, this does not mean that everyone who has a pen to write can be known as a cultured person; Rather, it means that only people who are aware of moral and human foundations can leave works that have deep roots in the essence of man and his creation.

Ethics and foundations of anthropology

The effect of studying on the knowledge of the moral foundations of anthropology

Perhaps at the beginning it is better to give a brief explanation about the basics of ethics and anthropology. From the point of view of experimental sciences, man is considered as an animal that has similar and in some cases the same needs as other creatures. The way to respond to human animal needs can be very different depending on the surrounding environment, just like other creatures; That is, the geographical area has a significant effect on the amount and form of needs and how to respond to them. The important point is the same type of needs and the type of response to them. What makes humans different from other creatures is the benefit of human and moral principles, which is the subject of this article. The point that should be taken into account is that all human beings are aware of these basics to some extent by themselves, in their nature and unconsciously.

But being exposed to the repetitive affairs of life and daily routines causes them to distance themselves from their basic awareness. Studying as a powerful tool can put people on the right path in life by constantly reminding them of moral and human principles.

Introducing books about the ethical foundations of anthropology
Books written based on humane and moral principles usually follow the same principles. These principles include specific moral and cultural laws that are the same in all societies and ethnicities. Some of these principles include speaking truthfully, acting truthfully, avoiding envy and miserliness, and chivalry. One of the famous Iranian books written about these topics is Haft Aurang written by Abdul Rahman Jami. In this book, using the technique of story writing and creating different characters, Jami has tried to remind the human principles and teach them in a memorable way.

Human teachings for life

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