What is the meaning of publication?

The concept of publishing is probably familiar to you, so in general, it can be said that publishing is the same as printing and publishing the author's work, and it is done by a collection or institution called publishing.

The course of publishing the book
The stages of publishing a book by a publishing house are not only limited to the publishing of a book, but also include the services of the printing house and the production process from the beginning until the relevant work is printed and sold, along with the matters related to the author of the book.
Until some time ago, authors had the possibility to publish and print their books using the publisher-author right, without the need of a publisher and a printing house.  But since this possibility was canceled by the Ministry of Guidance, book printing requires the efforts of publishing houses or the same publisher.

the printing of newspapers, magazines, and others was done only in the form of printing on paper

Publishing a book is a brilliant work

Publishing, from the past until now

Until now, printing was only limited to the traditional way.  That is, the printing of newspapers, magazines, and others was done only in the form of printing on paper and was made available to the public.  But at the same time with the increasing development of technology, technical knowledge and the penetration of the Internet in the daily life of the majority of the public, publications have gone beyond the limitation of paper printing and entered the field of electronic publishing.  Following this topic, the publication of the book has been expanded in virtual and audio format.

Different fields for publishing books
The publication can be called one arrow and two signs!  Because by this method, both a kind of cultural prosperity and a kind of income generation and earning are done.
Most of the publishers publish in a specific field, including education, medicine and health, psychology, etc.  In other words, they only publish books or magazines or other materials that are specific to the relevant subject.  Meanwhile, some publishing houses publish books, newspapers, magazines, etc. in all fields and do not limit themselves to one subject field.

The relevant officials in the publisher review the book from different aspects!

Publication of books and periodicals

The process of publishing the book in the journal

Providing a copy of the content: First, the author provides a copy of the book, either typed or handwritten, to the publisher.
Review of the content by the publishers: The relevant officials in the publisher review the book from different aspects, and here we mention a few of these positions:
Previous records of publication of the work;  Therefore, first inquire about this matter.
The book in question must be completely standard in terms of grammar and writing points and must meet the literary standards of publications.  Sentences should be expressive and eloquent and avoid incomprehensibility and dumbness of sentences.  Therefore, before printing, the book is examined from the point of view of observing these important points.
Sometimes, some writings are very weak in terms of writing, to the extent that they cannot be edited. Therefore, these types of compositions need to be rewritten. Publishers check the book in terms of having or not having editing capacity.
Preparation: After reading and reviewing the above points and confirming various aspects of the content, the book is upgraded to the level of preparation.
Preparation includes proofreading, page design, editing and cover design.

the relevant permits are obtained for printing the book.

The book is the friend of man since long ago

Obtaining permits: At this stage, the relevant permits are obtained for printing the book.  These licenses include such things as the license of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, FIPA and Shabak.

Sending to the printing house: After the necessary permits for printing the book have been received, the book is sent to the printing house for binding and printing.
Notification of receipt: Notification of receipt consists of sending several copies of the newly printed book to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and other relevant legal authorities.
Marketing: The book is marketed.

Why did the publication appear?
The origin of publishing goes back to the invention of writing.  Saving and transferring messages at different times is done using this phenomenon.  The invention of publishing and printing removed the limitations of oral communication.  These restrictions made it possible for people to communicate with each other only in person and it was not possible to send messages from one generation to another, but publication and printing broke these restrictions.  So that people can receive each other's messages all over the world.

Learn more about publishers and their fields of activity
Publishers also have different types and are divided into several categories based on several factors such as the type of book to be published, structure and organization, purpose and capital.  In the following, we have given explanations about the types of publishers.
Innovative and Waiting: The innovative publisher, based on the initiative that has already been developed, has planned a model and project and according to it, they go to the creator of the work. Meanwhile, a waiting publisher examines the works proposed to him and chooses one from among them.

more than 50% of the capital obtained by government publishers is attributed to the government.

Publishing books and the new world

General and specialized: The general publisher writes for the general public and about various topics and in all areas, but the specialized publisher is limited to only one specific area and works and publishes in the same area.

Attributed to the government and government: more than 50% of the capital obtained by government publishers is attributed to the government.  In case, less than 50% of the capital of government-affiliated publishers is attributed to the government.
For-profit and non-profit: For-profit publishers are affiliated with a specific organization, and on the contrary, non-profit publishers are not affiliated and seek to achieve profit in the defined economic cycle of their business.
Educational: This category of publishers publishes textbooks and university books.
Reprints: Publishers of reprint books publish books that have already been printed and are part of the permanent works of the society's culture.
Collaborative group: Collaborative publishers are a group that invest together and collectively to publish books.  This cooperation can include the partnership of several publishers or the partnership of the publisher and the creator of the work.

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