Considering the conflicts in today's world, if we want to be honest with ourselves, reading books is not one of the priorities in life for many of us. One of the factors that make us unable to include studying in our daily plans is the lack of time. But considering that studying has a profound effect on increasing people's quality of life, can it be removed? Of course, the answer is negative and it is better to look for solutions that we can, even if a little, include studying in our daily work. In the following, we will tell the types of study methods.

Methods of studying all kinds of books

Summarizing method in book reading

If our purpose of reading the book is to get the information needed in life, the summary writing technique can be very useful and helpful. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare a notebook and write down the important points in it while reading. Every time you go to read the continuation of the book, you can remember the previous reading by looking at the summary. Also, the existence of these summaries means creating a notebook of important points.

Fast reading method in study
As mentioned in the previous articles, the lack of time has caused many of us to not be able to include the study in our daily work as we should. The fast reading method can make up for the lack of time to a significant extent. In this method, you are not looking to understand the details, but you intend to read and understand the important points. Maybe this method is not suitable for fiction books in some aspects. But it is an effective solution for written study in the field of increasing your information to solve a need or problem.

Reading different books

Selective method in reading books

This method can also be considered as a fast reading method. In this method, the person seeks to get the tips he needs. The technique of using selective method is that the person reads the beginning and end parts and then according to the basic understanding he gets, he identifies the key paragraphs in the text. This method is also effective for remembering the key points of textbooks and answering exam questions.

Imaging method in the study
One of the reasons why people don't want to study is that studying is not attractive. The method of illustration allows us to put ourselves in the place of the characters of the story or in some cases the author. This type of conflict makes reading any kind of book twice as interesting for us.

Reading all kinds of books


We all need to read books according to cultural, religious, scientific, religious and artistic needs. But due to the lack of time, in many cases we miss the opportunity to study. Using study methods allows us to use the books we need according to the available time.

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