Undoubtedly, reading a book is one of the most effective ways to increase the learning ability of people in society, especially students. But one of the significant points in this field is the use of this tool in a way that improves the brain function and literacy of students. Therefore, it can be concluded that creating interest in reading suitable books is one of the important responsibilities of schools and teachers. In this article, we will talk briefly about how to create interest in studying among students and its effect on increasing their brain abilities.

we will talk briefly about how to create interest in studying among students

The role of school in student learning

Motivate to read the book

As the first step, it is necessary to create a high motivation for reading in students. The presence of motivation causes the release of happy hormones in the brain, the result of which is an increase in interest in doing work. Having shelves full of different books can be attractive for all students. Finding books that suit students' interests will create a sense of identification. Also, the existence of diversity in books can play an important role in identifying students' inherent talents.

Effective teacher-student relationship
One of the most influential people in students' lives are teachers. Therefore, the existence of an effective relationship between a teacher and a student has a decisive role in a person's academic future. For this reason, it is recommended that teachers have individual meetings with students. Holding these meetings will reveal the hidden talents of the students.

Group study of students
In general, group activities have a deeper effect on people's learning than individual work. Reading books in small groups allows students to learn about different topics. Also, by using the group study method, people can strengthen their reading ability. Being in the framework of group activities increases students' abilities to communicate effectively. Creating effective communication plays a decisive role in achieving career success.

Being in the framework of group activities increases students' abilities to communicate effectively.

Creating interest in students

Creating effective communication with the surrounding environment

Studying as a powerful tool will be effective when it creates a correct understanding of the environment and society in the student. Therefore, if a person does not have a basic view of his surroundings, creating an interest in reading cannot remain in him continuously. For this reason, if schools introduce students to the environment and society in the form of group and scientific trips, they will play a very constructive role in this field.

last word

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