As one of the most important factors in helping children and teenagers in the path of growth and education, the book has a very positive role.  One of the most important duties of parents and schools is to help the growth and upbringing of the child in a way that leads to the improvement of his personal and social capacities.  One of the wrong views that suppresses a child's innate talents is setting a goal for subject learning; That is, the use of control-oriented behaviors whose purpose is only to improve a person's education.  Such methods will not only not improve the student, but will also have significant negative effects on the child's social development. Therefore, one of the serious concerns of researchers in this field is the use of methods that, while increasing the child's information, do not harm the process of his personality formation.

Effective teacher-child communication

Use effective learning methods

The use of educational methods that, in addition to increasing the child's knowledge, will lead to the formation of positive relationships and behaviors, will play an important role in the child's success in the future.  An important point that should be noted is that learning social, emotional and cognitive skills will prevent injuries caused by stress and trauma during childhood and adolescence from causing mental and psychological damage to a person.  In the following, we will discuss effective techniques in child learning:

Attention to the spirit and personality characteristics of students
One of the educational techniques that is of particular importance is the teacher's recognition of students' mood and personality traits.  Some children need a different educational method due to their vulnerable spirit. Using comparison-oriented methods cannot be a correct solution to encourage students.  Placing a child in a competitive environment will decrease his interest in doing group work.

Paying attention to students' morale

Creating learning opportunities outside of school

Establishing a connection with the surrounding environment can have an effect on increasing the learning power of students.  Undoubtedly, the presence of a tangible mental image of the surrounding environment can increase the child's interest in books and effective presence in the learning process. Some children have a greater need to communicate with society due to their higher emotional intelligence.

The presence of communication outside of school hours
One of the points that will increase the child's interest in the education process is his feeling of unity with the school environment. Knowledge of education should not feel that the school environment is a space separate from family and society. For this reason, the existence of communication between the student and the teacher in the hours outside the school should also be maintained continuously.

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