The fact that reading a book can have a significant effect on people's mentality is not hidden from anyone. But using any kind of tool, while it can lead to the development of a person's human capabilities, it can also cause harm. Therefore, choosing the right book and the correct way of reading is of particular importance. Due to their high capacity in learning, students have a much higher ability to empower their minds. But we should not forget that people can be very vulnerable during childhood and adolescence. For this reason, the first step will be to choose the correct training method in order to create a flexible mind in them.

the first step will be to choose the correct training method in order to create a flexible mind in them.

The role of books in creating a flexible mind

A student's mind is more than a painting or photo!

As you know, capabilities such as intelligence and perseverance play a decisive role in the social success of humans. But how to convince students that while having high intelligence, it is necessary to have the ability to stand and be patient in the face of problems, is considered one of the educational challenges of parents and schools. It should not be forgotten that a student's mind is not a painting or a photo that can easily be attached to a label of effort and perseverance! According to the previous content, one should ask what is the right solution? The correct solution is to use educational methods that move students in the direction of creating a flexible mind. In the following, we will talk about educational methods with more explanations.

The first solution: positive thinking
We all need a driving force to move and continue the path. Having a positive mind can provide the energy needed to stand and be patient in the face of the problems ahead. One of the most important characteristics of a positive mind is the existence of sufficient knowledge. The existence of sufficient knowledge causes people to have more compromise with the conditions. The best way to get information is to continuously read books on various topics.

The best way to get information is to continuously read books on various topics.

Humans have a flexible mind

The second solution: having a functional strategy by using the book and studying it

The presence of process-oriented planning can lead to continuous improvement in people's lives by creating the right order. One of the most important characteristics of successful people is having a progressive strategy and moving forward. The most important factor to benefit from this process in life is to obtain information from the surrounding environment and society. Therefore, the existence of continuous and targeted study is essential.

The third solution: creating relationships based on trust
Finding reliable relationships can increase people's self-confidence to accept and do their personal and social affairs. According to the researchers, the development of stable relationships based on trust is the most important factor in creating a flexible mind.

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