The habit of reading books can do miracles in anyone's life. It is interesting to know that successful people always spend a significant part of their waking hours and activities throughout their lives, studying and thinking. But despite the many benefits of reading, many people are reluctant to do so. Usually, the lack of enough time, intellectual and work preoccupations are the most important excuses that most people give for not studying continuously. In this article, we will try to make studying a pleasant and necessary habit in everyday life by providing practical solutions.

we will try to make studying a pleasant and necessary habit in everyday life by providing practical solutions.

The habit of reading books

Planning for small and doable actions

Many of us look at reading books as fantasy and it does not match with the realities of life. For example, we always think that we should read and finish a book weekly. The existence of big goals, if they are not realized, in many cases, on the contrary, discourage people from continuing the path. Therefore, if you have a plan to read a book a week, if you do not manage to read in the first week, you will definitely be discouraged. Considering this issue, what can be the right solution?

The right way is to choose small and accessible goals. For example, you can plan to read 10 to 20 pages a day. Considering that this amount of study will take about 20 to 30 minutes, then it can be done easily. In this way, according to the law of compound effect, in the long term, you will notice that the combination of effects resulting from the achievement of these short-term and small goals has easily established the great and incredible habit of continuous study in you.

Considering that this amount of study will take about 20 to 30 minutes, then it can be done easily.

Use of various books

Make reading a book an interesting pastime

All of us are very interested in reading content on social networks. This interest is to the extent that we monitor the contents on a daily basis and even when we are at the height of our busy schedule. Perhaps the most important reason for this interest is the attractiveness and diversity of the content available in these networks. Based on the law of the lever of suffering and pleasure, the human brain automatically looks for fun and joyful points; That is, it always seeks to escape from things that are painful for the brain and tends to move in a path that seems enjoyable for the brain. Therefore, the question is, why should we not use this feature to create a study habit?

The right way is to first pay attention to your interest while buying any book. As a book buyer, you can make a list of your favorite topics. Then, on the same basis, seek to prepare the book and study it. It is recommended to start with stories and novels. Because characterization in novels can be twice as attractive to everyone.
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