Why should I study Tafsir al-Mizan (Volume 1 - Surah Hamd)?

If you have referred to Dehkhoda's dictionary to understand the meaning of the word Tafsir, you will see that it is said about this word that Tafsir is an article that expresses the meaning clearly and openly. Maybe this question will be raised for many, why some books need to reveal the meaning and people should read other books to better understand their contents?

The answer lies in the comprehensive feature of this type of books. For this reason, they are called reference books. The most important characteristic of this category of books is that the type of topics is designed in such a way that it covers all people with any level of understanding and knowledge.

The enlightening verses of the Qur'an and its valuable commentary

Why does the Quran need interpretation?

In general, religious books are included in the category of reference books. The main reason for this issue is the expression of many topics and topics with different expressions in them. Considering that the Qur'an is the most complete religious book sent by God to guide all humans, it is considered the main reference book. As mentioned in the previous articles, reference books need interpretation. In addition to increasing the reader's interest in reading them, the clear expression of their contents also prevents them from being misunderstood and misunderstood. The preciousness of the contents in the Quran and the priceless content that is planned in it, on the other hand, the need of all humans to receive guidance and guidance for growth and progress in their personal life and social arena, study in this field with It is necessary to use related works. The use of supplementary books of Tafsir such as Tafsir al-Mizan, which many Islamic scholars believe is the most authentic commentary of the Holy Qur'an in the entire history of Islam, is recognized as one of the basic and undeniable necessities in this regard.

Tafsir al-Mizan book

Using the book Tafsir al-Mizan for a deep understanding of the Qur'an

Tafsir al-Mizan is written by Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai. During his education and life, Allameh Tabatabai was able to achieve a very high level of knowledge and understanding in many sciences such as Arabic literature, translation sciences, jurisprudence and principles, compared to modern sciences, and he succeeded in exploiting the wealth of knowledge and knowledge of scholars before him. to achieve His complete and multi-faceted mastery of these knowledge made him acquire the necessary ability and mastery to understand the verses of the Holy Quran in addition to acquiring the right way of looking at the Holy Quran and express a valuable interpretation of this divine book. . The collection of Tafsir al-Mizan books, a valuable work of Allameh Tabataba'i, has now been made available to readers and those interested in Quranic topics with complete and new editing and explanation. The first volume of this book tries to clearly express the valuable meaning and humanizing concepts of Surah Hamd. Surah Mubaraka Ya Hamd, despite the shortness of the verses in it, is considered the summary and extract of the virtues of the Holy Quran and has a very expensive meaning. Undoubtedly, understanding the meaning contained in the verses of this surah, in addition to having an immense effect on the soul and psyche of a person, will also increase his desire to perform the man-making duty of prayer, which is the source of peace and happiness. This 106-page book has been published as an electronic book by Parnian Andish publishing website, and besides the electronic version, it is also sold in physical and printed versions.

last word
Reading or studying is one of the most important needs of people today. All human beings have many spiritual and psychological needs in terms of the cultural conditions of their living environment and society, and they need to use correct and straightforward solutions to meet their vital physical and spiritual needs. In many cases, the lack of easy access to valuable content makes people not interested in reading. Recently, the use of electronic books along with audio books, along with reading the printed version of books, has become more prosperous, the reason for this is the ease of access and easy use of them in various environmental conditions. These types of books can be easily transported and used in mobile phones, tablets, readers, personal computers and laptops.

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