Reading is a culture, a lifestyle and an influential choice that people should be mixed with from childhood. Different types and styles of books can make students interested in different areas and speed up their brain development.

The important role of primary teachers in students' reading

Elementary school teachers, especially the first grade, are the gateway for students to enter the world of science, literacy, and awareness. There are three important points regarding the teachers of this sensitive level of education:
Respond to the many needs of students and give importance to reading. As a result, they will be able to introduce a good and expressive book to the child and even their parents in any situation.
Until the neural brain connections related to reading and writing are not formed in the minds of children, they may have difficulty in reading and writing. This process is different for different people; Therefore, attention should always be paid so that children's self-confidence is not distorted.
It is the responsibility of both the teacher and the students' parents to create love, interest and the habit of voluntary study. Undoubtedly, something that is done by force will not have many positive effects.
Creating love and motivation
Considering the current issues in society these days, it may seem a bit difficult to motivate and interest in studying. Due to the fact that the students of higher levels have not yet been able to reach the ideals they had in their minds. For this reason, how can students be moved towards the culture of studying and reading books? The first step in this direction is to create a library in each student's room. A shelf full of books suitable for the age group of the child that can be a good incentive for him. Books should express topics that are relevant to the child and his classmates. Books that make heroes and teach children the correct way of personal life and social interactions.

Creating love and motivation for reading among students

Book reading circles

Behind one line of writing, hundreds of concepts are hidden. Every concept is a manifestation of the author's personal mind. For this reason, local book reading circles are considered to be a suitable and constructive solution for cultivating people's mind and range of vision. The teacher teaches important points to the students while listening to the imaginations and mentalities of the children. This not only increases children's reading skills and self-confidence, but also makes them understand how much people have different opinions from each other. These circles should be done in addition to daily exercises, so that the participants, as an independent reader, reach a correct understanding of the text.

Is the use of electronic books also effective?
Obviously, studying in any form is better than not studying at all. But the important point about children's reading is that reading e-books to a large extent will lead to weak or even dry eyes. In addition, the physical and printed version of the works give a much better feeling. But in general, it is very beneficial to use e-book as well as audio and multimedia books for quick access to multiple resources.

Book reading circles

Buy books online

In the past, it was very difficult for people to access books and curricular and non-curricular resources. Especially books that have a specific audience. But today, there are many technological infrastructures that operate in the direction of publishing and selling books online. Even publishers sell their products through their websites. The online book store of Pernian Andish Publications is no exception to this rule, and enthusiasts and scholars can purchase a wide range of valuable resources from the online store of Pernian Andish Publications website in the form of online shopping.

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