One of the effective ways to reduce abnormal behavior in puberty is reading books. The presence of unusual behaviors in puberty is to be expected. The conditions faced by a teenager at the age of puberty can be explained by citing an example. Imagine a factory with an uncontrolled level of different energies, while the amount of production and of course its type does not match the amount of energy input to it. In such a situation, it is expected to create any kind of technical defect or production of ineffective products. Being in puberty is similar to the example mentioned. In this article, we intend to examine the effects of reading the book on reducing the damage caused by puberty.

Puberty and challenges ahead

The effects of reading the book on reducing depression during puberty

The fact that books can reduce the symptoms of depression has been completely proven in terms of psychology. Having depression means not having the motivation to do any kind of activity or idea. Due to the fact that the type of narration of any book or story can affect people's spirit, soul and spirit, so it can significantly affect the reduction of depression. Considering that the presence of depression during puberty can leave significant effects on the adolescent's performance and ultimately his future, the study can prevent these damages as much as possible.

The effects of reading the book on preventing addiction during puberty

When we examine the causes of addiction in people, we realize that in many cases, people are addicted for very simple reasons. It is important to note that it may be very easy to get addicted, but it is very difficult and in some cases impossible to get out of it. Due to the fact that adolescents are in the most vulnerable stages of life during puberty, they may very easily fall into the trap of addiction. Studying can fill teenagers' free time to reduce the possibility of them entering unhealthy friendly atmosphere.

Fixing the damage of puberty by reading the book

Effects of study on nutritional disorders during puberty

Reading books on nutrition can provide parents with appropriate solutions. Everyone may have their own special nutritional habits depending on their genetic characteristics. Some eating habits can be harmful for a person. Eating habits such as eating carbohydrates or fast foods can be one of the damaging factors during puberty. If a person becomes obese or overweight during adolescence and especially puberty, with inappropriate eating habits, it can be very difficult to compensate for it. According to research, the presence of wrong nutritional habits in childhood and adolescence is the cause of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. Considering the importance of this issue, increasing the information of parents in this field can be very effective in reducing possible harm.

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