Undoubtedly, reading the book can provide effective solutions to deal with life's failures. In general, in the real world, we all face different challenges on a daily basis. Challenges can include various dimensions such as human relations, work and even academic activities; The important thing is how to deal with it. Most of us are not familiar with problem solving techniques when faced with problems and challenges. For this reason, instead of being creative, we are reactive; That means, in most cases, we experience false and negative emotions. In this article, we will try to address the root of this problem and effective solutions to solve it.

Education in schools

Teaching students potential failure

One of the most important defects in educational systems is that students are not exposed to real world processes. This issue causes distance of education from the outside world of schools. Many people, when they graduate from schools or universities, face many problems to enter the work fields. But this is not the whole story, because people in educational systems did not have the experience to face problems, in some cases people fail and fail. Researchers believe that schools should use the "constructive failure" technique to confront students with problems and subsequent failures and teach them the right solutions to deal with problems.

Designing the "constructive failure" technique to empower people
It is essential that teachers in schools design their teaching methods in such a way that students face problem solving challenges in their learning path. Being in such a situation, in addition to increasing students' interest and passion for learning, also increases their ability to face problems and challenges in the real world.

Studying the book

The role of the book in applying the "constructive failure" technique.

In any case, teaching any technique in the first step requires having enough information about it. If the school teachers can be expected to use the problem solving technique to teach the students, in the beginning, the teachers themselves also have the necessary knowledge about the desired method. Reading the book can be very effective in this field. The use of books related to the process of learning educational techniques can introduce school teachers to how to design the technique of "constructive failure" and use it to improve the learning process of students. Also, creating the habit of studying in students will increase their knowledge to find useful solutions to face problems.

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