In this article, we are going to talk about the speed reading technique and the effect of reading a book on teaching this technique. This technique is usually recommended for students. But in today's world where most of us don't have much time to find the information we need, learning this technique can be very effective and helpful. One of the first people who managed to learn this technique is the President of the United States, Roosevelt. Roosevelt was very interested in reading, and this had caused him to look for a technique that would allow him to read his favorite books in less time. Mastering this technique is not only for studying. You may be in a situation where you need to find specific information from a document or magazine. The presence of this technique will definitely be an effective solution for you.

Speed reading technique

Teaching speed reading technique using books

As mentioned in the previous articles, the book is one of the most effective ways to teach speed reading. One of the common exercises that can be done while reading is to reduce the time the eyes pause on the words. You should not forget that the human brain has very high capabilities. The more and more rigorous exercises you have, you can increase the capabilities of the brain by strengthening the nerves. Among other exercises used for fast reading is the use of one-finger, three-finger and four-finger techniques. In this exercise you can ask someone to identify a word on a page. Then search for the desired word using these techniques.

Increasing the information obtained from studying, an effective solution in speed reading
Lack of recognition in any situation can slow people down. For example, imagine you don't know the local address. Undoubtedly, you will reach the desired address at a much lower speed the first time. Reading is exactly the same. When you are familiar with all the words, you can read them at a much higher speed. What increases people's ability in speed reading technique is reducing the pause time of the eyes. Naturally, eye pauses on words are reduced when the brain is able to recognize them. Therefore, another effective way to improve speed reading is reading a book and increasing the ability to recognize words.

The effect of speed reading on the brain

What books should we read to improve speed reading?

The books that can be used to strengthen reading speed can be in artistic, social, literary, religious or mystical fields depending on the interests of people. It is generally recommended that you study a range of subjects. Because knowing the type of sentences and how to express them can have a significant effect on strengthening this technique. What is clear is that if you read a book to strengthen this technique, you have been able to strengthen the habit of reading. This issue can be effective in increasing the quality of life from different aspects.

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