One of the unique features of the book is the existence of a collection of reliable information that can be an effective guide for all ages. People in childhood and adolescence are very interested in interacting with the surrounding environment. Cyberspace is very attractive to teenagers due to its wide coverage and power. In fact, removing children and teenagers from this space will not result in social and personality deficiencies. Therefore, the best solution is to help them in order to discover the truth and the best tool for distinguishing between right and wrong in cyber space.

The impact of cyberspace

The importance of teaching news literacy to students

Normally, students have a strong dependence on their mobile phones and consequently the virtual space. The most important challenge in this dependence is the entry of a huge amount of data and various information into the minds and lives of children and teenagers. In fact, by entering the virtual space, students quickly enter a vast space of different sightings and hearings. In many cases, the information available in the virtual space has a double attraction for humans due to its distance from the realities of the material world and human relationships; Because man naturally seeks to discover the unknown. This issue can cause harm to students. The efficient solution in this field is to increase the media literacy of teenagers in such a way that they have the least impact in dealing with this space.

The role of books in information retrieval by students
Being a consumer in any aspect can cause mental and physical dependence. Therefore, people who are the only consumers of information at the level of society, can never follow the path of success. Considering that cyber space contains a lot of different information and it seems inevitable to keep students away from it, an efficient solution in order to reduce the damage of cyber space, increase students' skills in order to empower them in recovery It is information. Data recovery means distinguishing correct from incorrect data. One of the ways to increase skills in this field is to make a habit of reading books. As mentioned in the previous material, books are a source of reliable information, which is sometimes the result of years of experience of successful people. Therefore, using these reliable sources is one of the methods of acquiring skills in the field of information retrieval among students.

Increasing students' ability to deal with virtual space

Online purchase of books from the online store of Parnian Andish publishing website

One of the challenges of parents and guardians of schools is to adopt strategies to reduce the effectiveness and, as a result, reduce the harm caused by cyberspace to students. Considering the extent of social media, the best solution is to empower students to separate right from wrong information. Undoubtedly, this capability will be possible only by increasing information, or in other words, increasing their media literacy. In this regard, the website of ParnianAndish publishing company has made an extensive effort to prepare and offer books in various fields. Due to the importance of easy access to all kinds of cultural products, the books available in this online book store include all kinds of printed and physical versions, as well as audio and multimedia works along with e-books.

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