The fact that reading books can reduce stress in people is not a secret. Stress and anxiety is one of the common challenges in the life of teenagers. The reason for this issue is the increase in their personal and social needs. When a person from childhood enters adolescence, regardless of the formation of a sense of independence, his individual needs such as education, recreation, and creating purposeful relationships also increase. Undoubtedly, responding to all these needs can cause stress in a person. One of the effective solutions is to use tools such as books in order to reduce the damage caused by stress.

One of the effective solutions is to use tools such as books in order to reduce the damage caused by stress.

Finding the root of stress

A look at the root cause of stress in teenagers

According to researchers, the root cause of increased stress in teenagers is the lack of development of brain cells. Part of the brain areas that can manage the arrival of nerve impulses is not fully developed in teenagers. For this reason, the presence of emotions quickly causes their emotions to be disturbed. Therefore, the adolescent brain is very sensitive to the events that happen in the surrounding environment. This is the reason why teaching effective strategies to deal with stress is very important in this era.

How can parents and teachers help students?
Researchers believe that parents and schools should try to teach students skills that increase their ability to manage stress. In this case, being exposed to personal and social emotions, in addition to not causing harm to them, will also lead to the formation of positive habits. In the following, we will examine a number of educational solutions in this regard.

Rooting the origin of feeling
Teenagers should learn to deal with factors that cause stress, first ask themselves what is the source of tension? In fact, what is causing me to feel stressed? Finding the root cause of anxiety causes a person to reduce his stress more easily.

Examining how stress works
In some cases, by finding the root of how stress affects humans, it can be easily resolved. For example, consider a stressed student who is unprepared for a math test. The presence of stress causes him to postpone studying. By examining the nature of this stress, one of the main reasons for this is the uncertainty of exam sources.

consider a stressed student who is unprepared for a math test.

Negative effects of stress

Examining the situation from an outsider's point of view

One of the effective solutions is to imagine what advice we would give to our friend if he had this problem. In this situation, without a doubt, a wiser solution comes to our mind.

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