These days, all people in the society, including teenagers and young people, show great interest in the virtual space. In the way that businesses have moved towards more and more virtualization in the path of renovation and updating in order to keep up with the changes of the modern world! Considering that teenagers are in a very important transition stage of their cognitive development, the important question that arises is how to help this segment of the society to use the virtual space properly and learn the facts from the content. Can they recognize sarcasm and lies? Undoubtedly, this book will help people in this field the most.

Intensification of the conflict between speed and accuracy

Social networks and virtual space are increasingly exposing people of various societies to bombardment of data. To the extent that the sources of power use this space to guide public opinion towards their desired interests. It is interesting that no one asks who published these materials and for what purpose. Therefore, students and teenagers, as future generations of societies, should be able to distinguish between true and false news and data in a more effective way. In today's world, the virtual space and its infrastructure cannot be ignored. As a result, it is necessary for consumers to have the ability to separate the good from the bad after reading any article with their acquired insight and knowledge. This is called media literacy.

The role of books in increasing media literacy

The role of books in increasing media literacy

The most important advantage of the book compared to the content available in the virtual space is that its author and his background knowledge, knowledge and scientific and practical records are clear to a great extent. Therefore, they are obliged to stand by their writings. In other words, this sense of duty brings a commitment to doing the right thing and telling the right story. By reading a few works of an author, you can get to know his writing style and way of thinking. As a result, when people are faced with the way of writing and records of an author, they will easily be able to recognize the truth and falseness of narratives, arguments and news. So with the book, it is easier to validate the contents published by the publishers of various writings.

After the credibility of the author and his speech is determined, it is time to analyze the message issued by him. Continuous and extensive reading of books causes people's worldview to change over time. As a result, they look at the world from a larger perspective and will not be affected by the daily ups and downs of society.

The dangers and harms of not having media literacy in the virtual world

Increasing anxiety and stress: False content disturbs people's peace.

Jeopardizing the social health and mental health of people: Most of the members of the society make their decisions according to the content available on the pages of social networks and various internet websites.

Feeling of emptiness: Sometimes, people lose their basic trust in many things and feel empty due to repeated exposure to false targeted claims that are considered true.

Tendency of teenagers to lie: When teenagers consider lying to be normal and common, they do not consider it ugly and disgusting. It happens that the foundation of morality in the society crumbles and falls morally.

Showing off and playing games of teenagers: As we can see in various social networks, most of the activists of these infrastructures seek to show off, show off and show their lives.

Intensification of the conflict between speed and accuracy

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