There are two ways of reading a book or virtual space

The existence of a relationship between reading a book and sleep is really noticeable and visible for many. Most likely, we remember our childhood when our mother or father used to read story books to us while sleeping. We lived with the characters of the stories and dreamed of them at night. Unfortunately, today's children are deprived of many of these comforting feelings. Because in most families, books have replaced mobile phones and tablets. For some, the question may be raised that despite the fact that virtual space and the Internet are fun, why should we deprive our children of it? Of course, depriving children of today's technologies cannot be a correct solution. But these technologies will also be helpful when they are used in their proper place. In this article, we are going to talk about their harmful effects on sleep.

Relaxing sleep

Can using a mobile phone before sleeping be harmful?

If we want to answer this question, it might not be bad to have a look at human nature. In general, man is designed in such a way that he uses all his power to increase survival. Early humans were deprived of artificial lighting such as lamps. For this purpose, their bodies are designed in such a way that they have the greatest ability to find shelter before the end of daylight. Perhaps in many aspects we are different from early humans. But in our human nature, we are united for survival. When you use a mobile phone before going to sleep, the presence of this type of lighting increases the body's energy. This issue causes the duration and quality of sleep to decrease drastically.

Having quality sleep

Reading the book is an effective way to enjoy a deep sleep

As mentioned earlier, reading books is rooted in our childhood emotional experiences. It may be a question for many that how can studying affect the quality of sleep? One of the most important answers to this question can be creating a sense of peace. What causes people's sleep to be disturbed the most is the presence of worrying thoughts. The presence of these types of thoughts causes the release of hormones, the result of which is to raise the body's energy level. High energy level during sleep reduces the duration and depth of sleep. The most important reason why people constantly wake up and have disturbed dreams is the same issue. Reading the book as a relaxing force significantly reduces the existence of these stresses.

Night reading of fiction books
Reading fiction books and novels is interesting and fun for all of us. Our suggestion is to have a plan for night study. In this case, you can rest at home at night away from everyday worries and get the peace necessary to enjoy a good sleep.

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