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Amaziah «Kéraban the Inflexible», (Persian Version)

A masterpiece by Jules Verne, Printed Book

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Why should we read Jules Verne's novels? What are the benefits of reading novels written by Jules Verne? What are the brilliant characteristics of the style of Jules Verne's novels? How can the novels written by Jules Verne help people to have a better life? Why should we buy and read Jules Verne's novels? Jules Verne's novels, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or Journey to the Center of the Earth, are known for their imaginative plots and exciting adventures. Reading these novels can spark your imagination and take you on exciting journeys to unknown places and introduce you to innovative ideas. Buying and reading novels written by Jules Verne can be worthwhile for those seeking adventure, imaginative storytelling, scientific insight, cultural significance, and philosophical thought. Amaziah «Kéraban the Inflexible» explores the idea of human resilience by showing how the caravan's passengers can survive in a seemingly inhospitable environment.

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Why should I read the book of Amaziah «Kéraban the Inflexible»?

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why we need to read novels written by Jules Verne?

what kind of benefits are embed in reading novels written by Jules Verne?

what is the brilliant specifications about style of novels written by Jules Verne?

how can novels written by Jules Verne help human to have a better life?

why should we buy and study novels written by Jules Verne?

written in the 19th century

Reading novels written by Jules Verne can offer several benefits and unique attributes. Here are some reasons why you may find value in reading his novels:

1. Imagination and Adventure: Jules Verne's novels, such as "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" or "Journey to the Center of the Earth," are known for their imaginative plots and thrilling adventures. Reading these novels can spark your imagination, taking you on exciting journeys to unexplored places and introduce you to innovative ideas.

2. Scientific Accuracy: Verne's novels often incorporated scientific principles and emerging technologies of his time. His attention to scientific details and accurate portrayals of technological advancements make his works intriguing for readers interested in science and technology.

3. Futuristic Vision: Verne's novels display a remarkable foresight and anticipation of the future. He predicted inventions such as submarines, helicopters, and space travel long before they became a reality. Exploring his futuristic vision can provide insights into the possibilities and potential of human advancement.

4. Writing Style: Verne's writing style is characterized by his meticulous attention to detail, vivid descriptions, and engaging storytelling. His precise and descriptive language creates a sense of realism, drawing readers into the narrative and making it easier to envision the settings and events.

5. Cultural and Historical Significance: Jules Verne is considered one of the pioneers of the science fiction genre. His novels, written in the 19th century, reflect the social issues, scientific advancements, and cultural elements of their time. Reading his works can offer a glimpse into the historical and cultural contexts of that era.

6. Inspiration and Enlightenment: Verne's novels often touch upon philosophical and moral themes. They explore the boundaries of human potential, the essence of exploration, and the consequences of unchecked ambition. By delving into these themes, Verne's novels can inspire readers to contemplate their own place in the world and the impact of their actions.

Studying and buying novels written by Jules Verne can be valuable for those seeking adventure, imaginative storytelling, scientific insights, cultural significance, and philosophical contemplation. It offers a unique blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation that can contribute to personal growth and a better understanding of our world.

Verne's novels often touch upon philosophical and moral themes

Van Mitten and his servant Borno

On the 16th of August, at four o'clock in the afternoon, the big square of the historical city of Istanbul, which was usually full of people, traffic and the noise of passers-by, had taken on a sad state in deep silence; Everywhere was quiet and silent.
what had happened
If someone looked from the top of the hill overlooking the Bosphorus, he would still see a surprising and sad picture; There was no news of people coming and going. Several strangers were passing quickly to reach the muddy alleys at the end of the city. A herd of yellow and stray dogs can be seen, guiding them towards the edge of the city. There was a special area for Europeans that had white stone houses and a group of fruitless but green trees covered the entire hill.
This square was always spectacular and had a poetic atmosphere that made pedestrians happy to pass by it. But at this moment, where did the group of vagrants and revelers go? There was no trace of the Greeks with their ironed coats, the Russians with their graceful and buttoned coats, the group of Ottoman Turks, the children of the old Byzantines, and the pure Istanbulites with their graceful and shining coats. No one wanted to ask the reason; What was the benefit? Even if they gave an answer, it would not be enough.
But in the center of the city, there was a large crowd and as a skilled illustrator passed by, he could depict a new design for his gallery from their silent and sad perspective. This was the beautiful Constantinople of the middle centuries, the place described by Constantine and the Muslim group. The state of the city occupied the minds of two newly arrived travelers. When they entered the square, no one said a word in the silence that covered everywhere; This was not due to unfamiliarity with the language of the people of this land, because they spoke Turkish well. One of them is because he had written correspondence with Turkish trading companies twenty years ago, and the other one is because he had the responsibility of being his master's assistant for many years!
These two Dutch people from Rotterdam, Jean Van Mitten and his assistant Borno, who had opened their feet to this land due to an event; Both were off.
Van Mitten, as everyone knew him, was a man of forty-five or a little more, with golden hair, sky-blue eyes, a lovely, good-looking man, without a mustache, with ruddy cheeks. His nose was a little short compared to his face. He had a relatively tall stature and a sunken stomach, which made him appear as a strong man with delicate and strong legs.
It may be said that Van Mitten had a soft manners and manners; All in all, he was among those who have a soft and calm temperament. His appearance showed him as a social man. He was a person who avoided many discussions and conversations and was willing to compromise and tolerate in all matters; He had a quiet, introverted personality. He was a calculating and experienced person.

Everywhere was quiet and silent

"Good, my lord!" said Borno.

At this time, they had reached Trohane Square.
- very well! Borno.
- As you wanted, we are now in Istanbul.
- Yes! Borno is in Istanbul, which is called Constantinople; That means, in reality, we are several thousand kilometers away from Rotterdam.
- So you feel that we are far from Holland!?
Van Mitten replied: "I never consider myself far from Holland"; And he gave this answer as if the Netherlands was by his side!
Borno was one of Van Mitten's righteous and close servants. This assistant was like his master in many cases and never failed to pay respect to him. The two of them had been used to living together for years, and in these twenty years, they had not been separated from each other even for an hour. Although he was no less than a friend in Borno's house, outside of it he was a very honest assistant and servant who did his work intelligently. He did not feel compelled to consult Van Mitten on matters, and if he made a mistake, he accepted it. But, it had a small flaw; He was not willing to be under the command of others and he was not a people person. Sometimes the master told him that eventually this behavior will end up hurting you; If I am like this, I will undoubtedly be in trouble. Borno, now forty years old, was unwilling to leave his service and serve elsewhere.
Now we need to know what kind of personality Van Mitten had. Nothing! Only one of the famous businessmen of Rotterdam, a tobacco merchant and one of the experts in the preparation of opium! Van Mitten had extensive trade in his country Holland and among other cities, especially in Macedonia, Syria and Asia Minor. From twenty years ago, he was a tobacco manufacturer for the business of Mr. Karaban living in Constantinople and he sent his tobacco products from here to other parts of the world. In the course of his numerous transactions with this business, he had established direct transactions with all Turkish merchants.
From the first day, there was an agreement between Van Mitten and other businessmen that their correspondence would be in Turkish. The master and the assistant, regardless of the difference in their clothing, were considered two Ottomans of the old race, and this method was liked by Van Mitten.
Thus, if Van Mitten and Borno entered the city population, they would not feel any discomfort, because they knew the language of the city people well and spoke easily, and it was not difficult for them to go directly to Go to the house of the lord of the caravan. There, they would be greeted warmly, because the caravan had also made a trip to the Netherlands once, and therefore, they were well acquainted with each other following the customs of friendship and philanthropy.
When Van Mitten was leaving the Netherlands, he intended to stay in Istanbul for a while and rest at the caravan house. But Borno, who did not like to go to the caravan house, had to lead Van Mitten to the city square.
At this hour, a few passers-by could be seen in the street and after that, strangers and Turks were found one after another in the passages. Some Ottoman officers came to talk. The manager of one of the restaurants, which was located at the end of the square, was slowly arranging the dishes and supplies on the tables.
One of the Turks said: "In another hour, the sun will set and darkness will cover the waters of the Bosphorus." Another replied: "And then we can eat and drink safely!" Especially the fact that we smoke tobacco as we like."
- you are right! The days of Ramadan are a little long.
- Like every other day!
This conversation was going on between two other people who were passing in front of the coffee house.
Namsalmani said: "These Turks are a source of surprise for us!" In fact, when an unfamiliar traveler enters Constantinople, especially if it is difficult during this month, he will take with him a memory of hardship from the capital of the Muslim country.

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Jules Verne
Esmat Golzar
Sepehr Ansari
Octavo 14 * 21
Printed Hard-Copy

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