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The third law of power

Hide your goals! (printed version)

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One of the most important principles of the law of power is having a purpose in life. Taking a responsible look at the goals in life, in addition to creating order, will also reduce weaknesses. While the courtiers were supposed to be a symbol of dignity and integrity, they had to limit the power of the competitors with the most clever methods and make their actions ineffective. Successful courtiers had learned over time that they should do all their movements indirectly. If they stabbed their rivals from behind, they would do it with a smile on their face and a velvet glove in their hand!

The importance of purposefulness in power law

Usually, the feeling of powerlessness in front of people and events is unpleasant for us. When we find out that we have to get help from others, we feel gloomy. Everyone wants to be powerful. Everyone is looking for more power. Although, in today's world, being hungry for power is a dangerous thing and one cannot show power openly. Humans have to appear polite and noble. Humans are forced to show themselves as noble, free-spirited and fair-minded by being cunning in order to mislead others! This double game reminds us of the conflicts over power in the aristocratic courts of the past.

The importance of goals in human life
One of the principles of the law of power that will have a significant effect on human life is purposefulness. One of the most important effects of the existence of goals in the life of every human being is to create a clear order and plan to perform various activities. It may be very interesting to know that in chemistry, the presence of any disorder indicates a low energy level. In fact, reactions that lead to the production of compounds with higher dispersion have a lower energy level. It can be said that there is such a law in human life. Establishing a specific order and plan makes a person have higher energy to do life's affairs. Creating order will be possible when specific goals are defined.

The importance of purpose in life

The power law view of purposefulness
According to the power law, everyone's level of life is defined based on the level of his goals. When we look at the lives of successful people, what is seen at first glance is the high intellectual and behavioral level of these people. Undoubtedly, when we define big goals for ourselves, we must improve our living standards according to these goals. An important point to keep in mind is to look at the goals in life responsibly. From the point of view of the law of power, every human being is responsible for his purpose in life. Therefore, talking to the people around you about the goals, in addition to reducing the motivation necessary to move towards success, will also reduce the sense of responsibility around the desired goals.

The importance of using the power law to achieve goals

The law of power is actually a set of different laws that cause us to move in the form of a specific and standard framework in the path of life. It is interesting to know that in all sciences and techniques, engineering, industry and as an example pharmaceutical companies use such a solution to guarantee the quality of their products; That is, in the process of producing pharmaceutical products, they use certain approved requirements. Therefore, moving in line with the law of power makes sure that there is a sure guarantee of reaching the goals in the life of every human being.

Achieving success in life

Effective strategies to move towards success
All human beings have different weaknesses according to cultural conditions or the way their parents raise them. Moving within the framework of the requirements in the course of life causes weaknesses to give way to strengths and a person is more prepared to achieve his goals. The first step to implementing the principles and laws of power in life is to have the right awareness about it. Correct information means learning the principles and how to implement them correctly. Considering that the most important issue in today's world is having enough time, it is of particular importance to use solutions that can provide the necessary information for education in a short time. Using e-books can be a good way to get the right training.

In ancient times, courts always appeared around the person who held the power (king, queen, emperor, etc.). It was in this way that the courtiers were in a sensitive position. They should have served their masters, and if they went too far in flattery and service, their flattering actions would be obvious to the people around them. As a result, they took action against them. The competition to get the upper hand in serving the masters was subtle and imperceptible! If skilled courtiers could serve with this elegance, then they were able to protect themselves against other court rivals. Competitors who were determined to eliminate them at any moment.

At the same time, the courtiers were expected to show the highest level of culture, humanity and self-refining. Violence and any obvious show of power would be ineffective. The courtiers acted quietly and behind the scenes against those who took advantage of their power. This showed the complexity of the situation in the court. While the courtiers are supposed to be a symbol of dignity and integrity, they were forced to limit the power of the competitors with the most clever methods and make their actions ineffective. Successful courtiers had learned over time that they should do all their movements indirectly. If they stabbed their rivals from behind, they would do it with a smile on their face and a velvet glove in their hand!

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