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Haft Orang - Volume 1

Studying the basics of Jami's anthropology (printed version)

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​​​​The Haft Aurang book teaches people beautiful and romantic points and issues in the form of rhymed poems and allegories. Haft Aurang is a collection of Haft Masnavi poems by the great poet of the 9th century of Hijri, Khatam al-Shaara Abd al-Rahman Jami, which is considered one of the most beautiful allegorical and educational works of Persian literature. An expression that is full of metaphors and symbols of mystics and uses parables and story-like narratives as a tool to help better understand the meaning and easier transmission of its lofty mystical and moral concepts.

Haft Orang Book, Volume 1 - Review of Jami Anthropology Basics

Jami, or Mullah Jami as the Turks call him, is one of the most famous Iranian poets, whose works are also famous in other countries. Many people who are interested in literature are trying to prepare original language versions of Jami books. Therefore, Parnian Andish Publications has made it possible for people outside of Iran to buy such books and assets of Iranian culture.
Bakht was a long poet who saw his masterpiece during his lifetime, just before the beginning of the Safavid period, in the form of the great artist Kamaluddin Behzad. Examples of the works that were depicted by Haft Aurang Jami during the Safavid era are today the decoration of the most famous museums and galleries in the world.
It is a matter of happiness that the "Review of the Basics of Anthropology in Haft Aurang Jami" by the distinguished scholar Dr. Mohammad Anwar Bejarzi has been decorated by these publications to pay tribute to the culture of this land, as well as to give a sip to the palates of the thirsty and those who are interested in the sea of culture and The politeness of this land.

Haft Orang book

Haft Aurang is a verse collection of seven masnavis by the great poet of the 9th century of Hijri, Khatam al-Shaara Abd al-Rahman Jami, which is considered among the most beautiful allegorical and educational works of Persian literature. In the seven masnavis composed by Jami, three masnavis are allegorical love stories, three masnavis are instructive stories and one is an epic story. The compilation of this work shows Jami's influence from previous poets, especially Nizami Ganjavi. The expression that Jami used in this lasting work, like other Sufi writers of the profession, is full of metaphors and symbols of mystics, and the illustration and narration of the story is used as a tool to help better understand the meaning and convey his lofty mystical and moral concepts more easily. It uses

What are the contents of volume 1 of Haft Orang book?

Haft Aurang - Volume 1 contains four famous masnavis, whose names are mentioned below:

Golden dynasty in three books
Hello and Absal
Gift of Al-Ahrar
Sabha Al-Abrar
Jami was inspired by people like Amir Khosro Dehlavi and Hakim Nizami Ganjavi in his works. For this reason, many people are influenced by his poems in any era.

The content of Masnavis, volume 1

The three masnavis of the Golden Age, Sabha al-Abrar and Tohfa al-Ahrar are instructive stories that are told in the form of parables. Salaman and Absal is also a romantic poem.
The Masnavi of the Al-Dahahab series beautifully recounts religious and moral issues and helps people in knowing God.
The Masnavi of Salaman and Absal expresses the romance of two characters Salaman and Absal. A story that Jami's predecessors have told in different ways. In Haft Orang - Volume 1, we will see another version of this story.
Tohfa Al-Ahrar, like the Golden Age, includes instructive verses about religious and spiritual ethics.
Sabha al-Abrar is about Sufism and mystical and moral issues.

The importance of mastering Persian literature and language to understand old works

It is enough to put a modern masnavi next to Jami's masnavis to realize how different the expression of today's poets is from poets like Jami. In order for people to understand the deep themes of Jami's poems well and to avoid misunderstandings, the presence of a teacher who is fluent in the concepts is very important. Considering that most people do not have access to such trainers, they should seek help from their regular and reliable teacher, i.e. the book.

The book on the basics of Jami's anthropology by Dr. Mohammad Anwar Bejarzehi, examines all the concepts hidden in Jami's masnavis and presents them to the fans of this great Persian poet. Those who are interested can get the printed and physical version of this work along with the electronic version along with its audio book and take advantage of the poems in a double way.

Haft Orang anthropology basics electronic book, volume 1

Some people like to have a large library with a variety of books. In this case, printed books and physical copies are the best option for them. Those who are looking for research and familiarity with Jami Masnavis can use the electronic version at a much lower price. The content of both versions is completely similar.

E-book Basics of Haft Orang Anthropology 1

Parnian Andish publishing house, publisher of all kinds of valuable books for book readers

Parnian Andish Publications, as one of the most reliable publishers in Iran, feels this mission on its shoulders to spread the culture of reading books and provide valuable, informative and educational content. If you are interested in such works, you can easily see similar examples on the Pernian Andish Publishing website and if you wish, buy and read the book from the online book store on the Pernian Andish Publishing website.

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