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Peace in Spain - 2

Music for meditation, visualization, relaxation and concentration

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Spanish flamenco music is for meditation, visualization, relaxation and concentration. The need for peace in life is not only a physical need for the health of the human body, but also a psychological need. By presenting the best inputs to the mind, including very beautiful and relaxing images and music, the present work puts your mental and intellectual conditions in the state of meditation and presence in the present moment and causes the best possible vibrations and intellectual frequencies. Send to the universe to fill the world around you with your desired wishes and events.

The effect of the music of peace in Spain 2 in softening the human spirit

The world is a mirror of our beliefs. Human beliefs are the result of thoughts that are repeated continuously and in the long term in the mind. Thoughts are the result of repeating the inputs of the mind. The most important inputs of the human mind include what is seen, what is heard, memories and the perception of the five senses.

Refinement of the human spirit

The presence of peace in life can have very wide dimensions. One of its dimensions, which has a significant effect on the quality of human life, is the refinement of the human spirit. It may have happened to you that you were surprised by the hardness or cruelty of some people. The important thing about these people is the loss of tenderness and softness of soul and spirit. When a person loses his spiritual part, the only thing left is his body and material instincts. The pursuit of pleasure and the lack of peace in life can lead any person to this direction over time. An important point that should be noted is that in many cases the mentioned process takes place slowly and slowly, so that the person himself does not notice the loss of his spiritual dimension and gradually turns into an ineffective body with worldly desires. will be In this situation, there is no difference between humans and animals.

Elevate the mood

Effective solutions to soften the human spirit

Considering the importance of peace in human life, the use of practical solutions that can stabilize this ability in humans is of particular importance. Everyone uses different methods to get peace depending on cultural conditions or religious beliefs. The important thing is to spread this feeling in all aspects of life. According to psychologists, the mental inputs of humans, if they are continuous, can cause significant changes in their mood. One of the mental inputs that, in addition to creating a sense of cheerfulness and happiness, softens the human spirit, is music. One of the interesting points of music is its association with the culture and beliefs of nations and countries. Every country expresses its own thought and slogan in the form of music and songs.

The effect of the music of peace in Spain 2 in soothing the soul

One of the most important features of this music, which is highly regarded, is that it is derived from the Spanish flamenco style. Flamenco style is rooted in the culture and traditions of the Spanish people. These traditions have symbols that are displayed in the form of dance accompanied by music. By portraying the human spirit, these signs try to remind him that every day he should increase his effort to improve his spiritual dimension because it is with this dimension that he can reach true happiness.

Music in Spain 2

The unique features of the relaxation music file in Spain 2

This work has three video music files along with 160 beautiful pictures of the nature of Spain. The images in this file, in addition to their unique and special beauty, also have significant quality. For this reason, it can be a good option for use in the background image of phones and laptops. In addition to the above, this file also contains music without images that people can use if they want.

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1 ساعت
میگوئل خوان آلوارو
3 فایل تصویری (موسیقی همراه با نمایش 160 تصویر فوق‌العاده چشم‌نواز از کشور اسپانیا)
1 فایل صوتی (فایل همان موسیقی بدون تصاویر)
160 قطعه عکس با کیفیت (فایل همان تصاویر جهت استفاده در پس‌زمینه رایانه، تابلو و غیره)
خریداران محترم این اثر در صورت تمایل به سفارش تابلوی آویز دیواری و پازل هر کدام از تصاویر محصول می‌توانند از بخش "تماس با ما" برای درخواست اقدام نمایند.

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