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Child sexual abuse

Prevention strategies (printed version)

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Sexual abuse of children can have destructive effects on the emergence of sexual abilities in adulthood. Therefore, having informed parents can reduce the incidence of these injuries. The researchers state that the published statistics on child abuse only point to a small percentage of the tragedies in this field. Five percent of these criminals do not care if he is a boy or a girl. About thirty percent of the criminals in such cases are under the age of seventeen, and most of them have experienced such injuries as children.


Physical and mental injuries in children in any way and with any intensity can have destructive effects on the formation of their personality. In general, injuries at any age can cause mental and physical crises. But the most important difference between a child and an adult is the degree of their effectiveness from injuries. Sexual abuse of children is considered one of the fatal damaging factors, which in addition to physical injuries will also cause psychological injuries. One of the most important issues that is raised is what is the role of parents in preventing these injuries?

Child sexual abuse

Destructive effects of child sexual abuse
Childhood is an opportunity to gather the starting points of a person's future talents and abilities. Many of us may have vague images of our childhood. But without a doubt, we clearly remember happy and sad feelings. The existence of these feelings is so strong in people that it can significantly affect the expression of emotions in adulthood. Perhaps, at first glance, sexual needs and how they appear have little to do with childhood. But causing sexual injuries in children can cause physical and mental disorders, and the process of creating and developing sexual needs will face great challenges. Psychological studies have shown that the development of sexual disorders, especially in men, has a direct relationship with their childhood injuries.

Parents need education in the field of raising children

The lack of sufficient information in the field of raising children is considered one of the most important causes of injury in them. Therefore, it can be said that the existence of knowledgeable parents is one of the basic needs of today's world. If parents are aware of basic educational methods based on psychological solutions, in addition to creating a safe environment for the child's growth and development, they can also prevent injuries. Considering the sensitivity of the issue of raising a child, obtaining correct and scientific information is of particular importance. One of the reliable sources in this field can be reading authentic psychology books. In this regard, Parnian Andish Publications has published reliable and useful books in this field.

Existence of informed parents

As it was mentioned in the previous articles, receiving basic training based on psychological science by parents can reduce the harmful effects of childhood. Despite the fact that attention to the issue of sexual abuse of children and its prevention has increased in recent decades, we still see the occurrence of this type of harm in today's society. If we want to be realistic, the conflicts of today's world have given many of us less opportunity to read books. One of the effective methods in this field is buying electronic books. The use of electronic books along with the printed version of the works, due to easy access, can provide the opportunity to study for a wider range of interested people.

The researchers state that the published statistics on child abuse only point to a small percentage of the tragedies in this field. Many factors such as fear, hopelessness, guilt, helplessness, shame, embarrassment, and not knowing the reaction of others when the matter is revealed, cause such matters not to be raised easily by the child or his parents, or in general, a tendency to report the matter. Do not have. In most cases where the guilty person is a relative of the child, months or years pass after the incident before a report is given to the authorities.

Sinners and criminals force their target child to remain silent through various ways such as threats, bribes, the right to remain silent, and abuse of emotions. Most of this group are men who have double sexual orientation. Perhaps only about five percent of these criminals have a criminal record. If these people abuse children outside their family environment, they usually abuse children within their own family as well. About 20 percent of the criminals are women, and five percent of these criminals do not care if they are boys or girls. About thirty percent of the criminals in such cases are under the age of seventeen, and most of them have experienced such injuries as children.

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