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Vitamin D

Everything you need to know (print version)

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Based on available statistics, 76% of teenagers, 86% of pregnant women, 60% of middle-aged people and 90% of hospital patients in Iran have vitamin D deficiency. Global statistics indicate that two-thirds of the world's population is deficient in absorbing this vitamin. Domestic statistics indicate that 80 to 95 percent of the people of our country are deficient in this vitamin. Based on the available information, the intake of vitamin D in adults has decreased in recent years, which will affect children as well.

According to doctors, Iranian experts have performed poorly in obtaining vitamin D in this way. Iranians drink a third of their real need for milk and eat dairy products much less than they should. Vitamin D pills with different doses are a shortcut way to get this vitamin. Many believe that weekly consumption of this pill can also be very effective.

It is on this basis that in recent years, Iranian doctors have expressed concern about the increase in diseases such as diabetes, MS, cancer, stroke, etc., due to the lack of this vitamin. One of the measures taken to deal with this shortage has been the free distribution of vitamin D tablets in the rural health network and underprivileged areas.
In addition to iron tablets, vitamin D tablets are also distributed in girls' high schools. Before this, one of the important discussions was always the issue of food fortification with vitamin D. Enrichment of food items with vitamin D in milk and industrial juices is one of the events that has recently occurred in the production of food products. Enriching other foods with vitamin D is expensive and complicated.

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