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Tawheed Mofazal

The wonders and secrets of creation from the perspective of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) (printed version)

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By paying close attention to the text of the hadith and the high knowledge that the Imam (peace be upon him) has expressed, the position of the scholar is revealed. The great scholar and revivalist of Shiite heritage, Allama Muhammad Baqer Majlesi (R.A.) translated this valuable book into Persian and added valuable points in some places.

Imam al-Haq is the leader of the believers, the enlightener of those who seek guidance, and the reason for those who follow the path of truth, the inheritor of the prophets, and the example of the atom and perfection of the servants of the Most Merciful. Imam, the rainy cloud, the shining moon, and the shining sun are guidance and the clear path to happiness.

Imam is the political and intellectual leader of the society and the caliph of God on earth and the ruler and guardian of the believers. Imam is a mine of holiness, purity, piety, asceticism, knowledge and worship. Imam, peace be upon him, is the repository of divine knowledge and the most important person in knowledge, and all those who are thirsty for Islamic knowledge and knowledge are watered by his roaring waterfall of knowledge.
Due to the breadth of knowledge they had, especially the knowledge that had a divine origin, the holy imams had a scientific authority in the Islamic society, and the caliphs, umrahs, and intellectuals referred to them in many of their fiqh, theological, and religious problems.
Imam, the leader of the believers, Ali (peace be upon him) used to say many times: "Salooni before you check me"; That is, before you dismiss me, ask me. According to the testimony of history, none of the companions of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, except Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) had made such a claim. In a narration about the vast and infinite knowledge of Imam Huda, peace be upon him, it is said from the mouth of Hazrat Sadiq (peace be upon him): I have knowledge of what is in the heavens and the earth, heaven and hell, and I am aware of the minutes that happened before and what will happen after this. I have.

According to what is stated in the books of Rijal and Tarikh, Shia imams have spoken and spoken in honor of the beloved. From the sum of these narrations, it is clear that Mufazil was favored, cared for and trusted by the Imams, peace be upon them. By paying close attention to the text of the hadith and the high teachings that the Imam (peace be upon him) has expressed, the scholarly position of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is revealed because the prophets and imams have spoken to every audience, according to their understanding and knowledge.
Fortunately, Tawheed al-Mufadil has long been the focus of scholars and elders and has even been translated into other languages, and for the benefit of Persian speakers, a great scientist and reviver of Shia heritage, Allama Muhammad Baqer Majlisi (R.A.) translated this valuable book into Persian and in some places it contains valuable notes. added to it under the title (the translator says). Many editions of this book have been published. Since most of the existing editions had typographical errors and lacked technical lists, typesetting, and appropriate printing, due to the special feature of this book, it seemed that a corrected and researched edition of this work should be presented on the occasion of the congress commemorating Allama Majlisi.
In order to make the correct and appropriate text of the translation of Tawheed Mufazil available to the scholars, manuscripts and printed copies, especially the copy copied by the learned scholar Abdul Samad Firouzabadi and kept under the number 2051 in the great library of the late Ayatollah Azami Marashi Najafi (RA), have been used. ; But since the audience of this work is the general public, there was no mention of the difference between the versions and the discussions related to this, so that the readers have a clear and well-written work to study.


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علّامه محمد‌باقر‌مجلسی
کتاب چاپی - فیزیکی

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