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child abuse

Neglect of children's rights (e-book)

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Using correct educational methods in relation to children will reduce behavioral and personality problems in their future life. Most of the parents of child abusers have been harassed and neglected themselves and were deprived of proper love and upbringing in the early years of their lives. This group has low self-awareness, self-esteem and sense of worthiness and has a low threshold of tolerance. When these people face harassment from their child, a personality is formed in them that results in an immediate violent reaction against their child.

The importance of education in the field of raising children

The fact that the basic structure of everyone's personality is formed during the early years of his life is fully accepted. As a result, when the child's world is introduced to a large extent by the parents and interpreted by them, then the child's attitude and reaction is formed as a result of the nature of parenting and education received from their parents.


Perhaps raising the issue about children and their rights is an obvious topic for many. Despite the clear laws on how to treat children, we clearly see child abuse and violent behavior with them. It can be said that the main reason for this issue is the lack of clear boundaries to determine the type of behavior and the degree of emotional involvement. In fact, the law in the field of children's issues faces people who call themselves parents or parents of children. According to some, just being a parent can give them the right to make any decisions and actions. This issue has caused us to witness many cases of child abuse in society every day despite the clear and countless laws that exist in the field of children's issues and how to deal with them.

Good behavior against child abuse

Finding the roots of child abuse in today's society

According to the said material, the main reason for the existence of child abuse does not come back to defects in the type and number of laws. According to many psychologists, parents need effective training in the field of behavior and communication with their children. The lack of sufficient information can significantly cause irreparable damage in the development and formation of children's personality. The misplaced entry of emotions and the lack of a clear boundary for the correct use of it for the purpose of raising a child causes a person to face many behavioral and personality challenges in adulthood. Therefore, it can be said that the greatest right of a child is the presence of parents who are informed and aware of correct educational methods. Parents who are not educated enough to communicate with their children will create a society full of sick and ineffective people. Considering the importance of this topic, the question may be raised for many: What are the effective solutions in this field?

In fact, it often happens that child abuse lasts a generation. Usually, the parent prone to child abuse is a suspicious, lonely person; Without even having a relationship with his family and friends and sitting and getting up with them. A young woman may become pregnant and have a child. There is this wish and hope that the newborn will love the mother and express his dependence on her. Because the baby cannot express his love and the mother is unable to receive the child's love and satisfaction, she cannot understand the child's love and affection and sees the child as her mirror that shows the mother's negative characteristics; So that the woman rejects the child and mistreats him. The child also becomes irritable and unbearable. The mother justifies this rejection of the child and begins to punish the child.

The need for effective education in the field of raising children

It can be claimed that the only effective solution in the field of raising children is the existence of educated and literate parents. Therefore, every couple should first learn the necessary information on how to communicate with a child before entering into the process of having a child. It is important to note that proper training is not limited to attending a training class or counseling with a psychologist. It is possible to obtain sufficient and correct information through a series of counseling methods, face-to-face classes and study. Reading books can provide people with practical and effective tips regarding the use of educational methods.

There are many factors that may change a person's whole personality. Emotions are not instincts. Love, trust or hatred and suspicion that leads to violence or isolation are acquired reactions. Most of the parents of child abusers have been harassed and neglected themselves and were deprived of proper love and upbringing in the early years of their lives. Although there is no perfect correlation between this, it can be said that such people are usually narcissistic, underdeveloped and weak in terms of self-control. In addition, they are looking for love.

An interesting phenomenon that may be seen in the behavior of abusive parents is periodic role violation. When environmental pressures disturb the unstable peace of her narcissistic soul, in her subconscious mind, the woman identifies the child with herself and herself with the mother's cruel rejection. Therefore, he shows the characteristic of aggression against the child.

Communication with children

last words

Considering the importance of correct and effective education in the field of children's education, reading books can play an important and decisive role. But the conflicts of today's world and the lack of enough time to study have caused many parents to be deprived of the existence of sufficient education and receiving the necessary information. Using electronic books is one of the most effective ways to solve the problem of time constraints. Buying e-books, because it provides the ability to read through mobile phones, tablets, readers, personal computers and laptops, can greatly contribute to the development of awareness, improvement of the quality of life and peace and security of children in The family environment should be helpful.

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