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Be friends with money! volume 1

Warren Buffett's lessons for wealth and investment along with the purest wealth-building beliefs (e-book)

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Money is the result of a rich mind! The subject of wealth is actually the subject of a circuit and frequency! A mental program that, when coded and installed in the mind, forms a personality that is fundamentally different from the previous personality in your being, which is rich, both frequency and coexistence. This character relies on empowering and wealth-creating beliefs, the engine of your movement and direction towards ideas, solutions and opportunities, the output of which is financial freedom.

To the extent that your beliefs improve from poverty and scarcity to abundance and wealth, this improvement in beliefs will show itself in the form of better financial status, more income, more financial power and no unexpected expenses, and an end to Further improvement of these beliefs is not envisaged. Therefore, your only task for the rest of your life is to stay on the path of this improvement and follow this evolutionary process.
The more mental brakes you identify and eliminate in your subconscious, the more destructive codes you remove from your mental program and replace it with modified and wealth-creating codes, not only the financial aspect of your life will improve. find, but this clean, pure and God-like energy of wealth removes a huge part of your worries and prepares your being to receive more blessings and blessings in the form of health, love, gratitude, forgiveness, good nature, admiration, It gives liberation and other God-like characteristics so that you can experience the happiness of this world and the next, according to the words of the Qur'an.

That's why you can't seek a holier goal than getting rich in your life. You cannot find a more natural way of living in abundance. Your mission in life is to learn the only principle necessary to experience financial independence; You who are ready to pay the price of this change by spending time, energy and money. Therefore, it doesn't matter what job you have, where you live, how old you are, and what obstacles and limitations are placed in front of you because this is God's law and promise that your conditions and results will change; When your character and attitude about wealth change fundamentally. It is a great jihadi and a non-negotiable commitment to live according to the teachings and awareness of this process, which will change the financial situation of your life during an evolutionary process in such a way that you become completely alienated from the current situation and the moment of the beginning. It is clear that the change of the current personality to a creative and productive personality that begins to create wealth from the obstacles, contradictions, conditions, facilities and abilities of his current interests, starts from the heart of such a gender of basic commitment.

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