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Teach your child to read

Teaching parents (e-book)

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One of the effective ways to increase brain development in children is reading, or in other words, reading skills. Parents have a decisive role in this field. The ability to read and write (literacy) is one of the basic capabilities and skills of life that new learners acquire in the regular process of learning about the world. In this way, with familiarity and familiarity with reading books, the eye-catching shutters will be opened before their eyes.

The effect of studying on children's brain development

They consider reading as the process of recognizing and deciphering written text arising from thought and speech, and finally, the result of inferring meaning from the text. Ability in this field is the result of acquiring skills; Including: recognizing the letters, words and sentences of the language. With the skill of reading, you can benefit from written knowledge. In the process of active reading, a person with the knowledge of the meaning of the message hidden in the text, based on the previous learning, seeks to discover a new world.


Studying a book or in other words reading a book can leave a great impact on the human soul and body. Children's physical and mental health is one of the most important issues of families and in the next stage of society. The way of development in childhood can play a decisive role in determining the success rate of a person in the future of his life. One of the effective tools in the field of children's physical and mental health is books and reading. In addition to the fact that continuous study has a significant effect on increasing the level of literacy and information of children, it can also be effective in physical development and acquiring abilities and increasing personal, mental and communication abilities, in order to reduce weaknesses.

The importance of reading in children

Does reading books affect brain development in children?
You have probably heard a lot about the importance of reading in children. It is interesting to know that one of the most important advantages of reading books in children is increasing the speed of development of brain cells. As you know, exercise can strengthen muscles by increasing the metabolism of muscle cells. Reading books also produces a similar effect on brain cells. Reading increases the entry of glucose into the cells as an energy source. The entry of glucose causes the production of more energy-generating compounds, which results in an increase in exchanges between cells. Due to children being in the growth stage, the presence of cell exchanges in the brain can leave a significant effect on their body and soul.

Do parents need education in the field of children's study?

Despite the importance of studying and its effect on children's development, creating interest in a child is very important. One of the common mistakes of parents is using non-scientific methods to improve children's abilities. Existence of annoying compulsions and control-oriented methods, not only will not create ability and development in children, it can also have unpleasant effects on the formation of their personality. Therefore, before using any educational method, parents should find themselves in need of education and obtain the necessary information in this field. One of the effective tools in this field is reading books. For this reason, couples are always advised to get scientific information on raising children before having children, because the existence of any mistakes in raising children can affect the future of the family and children.

Effective study in children

The ability to read and write (literacy) is one of the basic abilities and vital skills that new learners acquire in the regular process of learning about the world. In this way, with familiarity and familiarity with reading books, the eye-catching shutters will be opened before their eyes.

Jami says: Anis Kanj is the loneliness of the book / Forough Sobh is the knowledge of the book
This, in addition to providing the background for learning other subjects, is also used in the direction of strengthening creativity and developing personal and social life skills. The gift of reading is understanding and knowledge. The skill of reading well and getting used to it is one of the most important ways of personal and social progress. This requires effort in learning and follow-up in the education process.
The great Ferdowsi says: Yes, suffering is good for your body/ that suffering itself is worthy of knowledge.

In line with its constant mission, which is to support, introduce and publish the works of writers, translators, researchers and pioneers in the field of knowledge and awareness, Parnian Andis publishes this time again a translator who makes an honest and unassuming effort in the direction of spreading awareness and developing science. done; It is fortunate that this effort has been aligned with one of the main needs of our country's development, i.e. improving the level of study in the society, the habit of families to read books since childhood, as well as the growing demand and need of families for better education and upbringing of their children. We hope to witness their continuous efforts more and more.

last words

Due to the conflicts in today's world, it may be difficult or even impossible for many to dedicate time to study. Therefore, it is very important to use methods that provide easy access for people. Buying electronic books can be a good option in these cases. Due to the fact that in most cases electronic books are available to those interested along with the printed version, they can be easily used by electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops. People in any situation and with any busy schedule can easily access these books and read the material they need.

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